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Traction... For Your Satisfaction

                                                                                -Linda McKinley Marshall

"The Girls" is another series which has been in progress since 2003.  The small 8-9" sculptures with moving parts address social stereotypes and women's issues by wearing labels that illustrate how we judge each other and form misconceptions based on physical characteristics.

"Thanks for the Angst" (2003)

 9", Wire & Mixed Media

 "Thanks for the Angst" (2003)

 9", Wire & Mixed Media


"Beauty with a..." (2003)

 8 1/2", Wire & Mixed Media

"Stereotype" (2003)

 8 1/2", Wire & Mixed Media

"IQ" (2003)

 8", Wire & Mixed Media

More Work Coming Soon!!!

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"Traction For Your Satisfaction"

"The Girls"



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