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Tom's Photographs And Memories Of Arkansas 7

"Hold Her In Your Hand"
*War Eagle Mill*
"One Hundred Ways"
"In This Life"
*The Prayer*
"If You're Not The One"
*To Love You More*
"Genius Of Love"
*Camel Toe*
"But You Know I love you"
*Five Feet High And Risin'*
"Love Will Turn You Around"
*You Mean The World To Me*
"Through The Fire"
*Ain't Nobody*
*Camel Toe 2*
"Then They Do"
*I Will*
*Forever And For Always*
"You Were Meant For Me"
*I Miss You*
"You've Got A Way"
*Shake Ya Tailfeather*
"Shut Up"
*Bath Water*
"Hey Ya"
*Dust In The Wind*
"San Juanito"
*Traveling Soldier*
"Girl In The Mirror"
*Daddy's Little Girl/Butterfly kisses*
"Wedding Song"
*Your Body Is A Wonderland*
"One Hot Mama"
*If You Ever Leave Me*
"I Know You By Heart"
*I Melt*
"Screams And Whispers"
*When You Say You Love Me*
"To Love A Woman"
*Rhythm Divine*
"When You Kiss Me"
"Forever Love"
*Streets Of Heaven*
"When I Look Into Your Heart"
*I Believe In You*
"The One"
*Men Don't Change*
"You Belong To Me"
*Looking In The Eyes Of Love*
"Fun Page(Here Kitty Kitty...)"
*What My Heart Wants To Say*
"Dance With My Father"
*Fun Page(kitty's revenge...)*
*It's The Way You Touch Me*
"How Sweet It Is(to be loved by you)"
*Fishing In The Dark*
"Kiss The Rain"
*Everyday I Love You*
"Someone Like Me"
"Calling All Angels"
"Thank You"
*Your The Inspiration*
"I'll Be There For You"
"Down On Mainstreet"
*She's My Kind Of Rain*
"Pictures Of Deer I Photographed"
*Tulsa Zoo Critters*
"The Tulsa Aquarium"
*A Page I Made For My Best Friends Birthday(song: Can't Hold Us Down)*
"Look At Us"
*Writing It Down*
"Wind Beneath My Wings"
*Austin I Still Love You*
"Merry Christmas & Pictures of my Chihuahua"
"Joy's Song"
*My Hump*
"She Thinks She Needs Me"
*I Got You Babe*
"Someone Like You"
*Come To Me*
"Into The Mystic"
*I'm Holden On To Love*
"Now That We Found Love"
*Secret Garden*
"To Make You Feel My Love"
*Happy Birthday America*
"Face To Face"
*Precious And Few*
"Some Beach"

Song For Your Enjoyment

The Story In Your Eyes

The Moody Blues

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August 17, 2003

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