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Tom's Photographs And Memories Of Arkansas 6

*Stuck In The Middle With You*
"Still You Turn Me On"
*From The Beginning*
"I Really Miss You"
*I Miss My Friend*
"Night Moves"
*I Knew I Loved You*
"Dream Weaver"
*I Can I Will*
"This I Promise You"
*I Believe In You*
"Squeeze Me In"
*For The Girl Who Has Everything*
"I'll Be Good For You"
*The One*
"I Just Wanna Be With You"
*The Two Of Us*
"Sweet Kisses"
*Be My Baby Tonight*
"I've Dreamed Of You"
*I Cross My Heart*
"Fight It Out"
*Just One Lifetime*
"Love Like Ours"
*I Finally Found Somebody*
"I Wanna Be Your Underwear"
*Me & You & A Dog Named Boo*
"Once You Had Gold"
*Everything I Own*
"Let Me Be There"
*Whenever Your're Away From Me*
*You're The One That I Want*
*Let's Get High*
"I Will Follow Him"
*You're My Flavor*
"I Can Love You Like That"
*I'm So In Love With You*
"Divers Do It Deeper"
*I Love You(Martina Mcbride)*
"What Makes You Different(Makes You Beautiful)"
*One Night At A Time*
"In A Perfect World"
*The Colour Of My Love*
"Grow Old Along With Me"
"This Is My Moment"
*Lonely Days*
"A Simple Man"
*The Only Thing Looks Good On Me Is You*
"Woman In Love"
*A Disney Medley*
"Baby Come To Me"
*Can You Feel The Love Tonight*
"I Love You(Climax Blues Band)"
*Wishin' And Hopin'*
*Is It Just Us*
"Jungle Love"
*Nothing's Gonna Stop Us Now*
"Morning Has Broken"
*Safe In My Heart*
"I've Been Waiting For A Girl Like You"
*Everybody Hurts*
"A Love So Beautiful"
*Strawberry Letter 22*
"So Magical"
*Black Water*
"I'll Never Say Goodbye"
*You're Love Amazes Me*
"The Long And Winding Road"
*Let's Talk About Love*
"Love Song"
*Precious Love*
"I'm Not Giving You Up"
*Diamond Girl*
"Sail Away"
*Born To Be Wild*
"I Can Still Feel You"
*She Said Yes*
"Long Distance Affair"
*Underneath It All*
"Country Dreamer"
*Some Days You Gotta Dance*
"To Where You Are"
*Thinking Of You*
"I Didn't Get To Sleep At All"
*Suspended In Time*
"Angel Of The Morning"
*Holiday Road*
""As Long As Your Loving Me"
"Close Your Eyes"
*Sky Blue And Black*
"I Try"

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The Steve Miller Band

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