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Tom's Photographs And Memories Of Arkansas 1

UPDATE: I Loaded Midi Songs In The Place Of Some Of The Songs I Took Down And They Are The Same Song As Advertised On The Index...

Due To Angelfire's new rules i was force to take down all the songs from the pages on this index; my choice was to either take down the songs or lose all the pages, so if any one liked any certain page, please email me and i will redo it in Geocities; at the bottom of this page is a way to email me, Sorry about this but i have already lost 210 pages to angelfire and chose to keep these...

"Near Eureka Springs, Arkansas:Song; Dream Weaver"
"Mammoth Springs, Arkansas:Song; Do You Believe In Miracles"
*Natural Dam, Arkansas:Song; Don't Go Chasing Waterfalls*
"Aransas River near Van Buren, Arkansas:Song; Keep Pushin' On"
"Downtown Van Buren, Arkansas:Song;Imagine"
"Lee Creek near Natural Dam, Arkansas:Song; Perfection"
*Fun Page, Grandma's Feather Bed*
"Ark. River near Fort Smith, Arkansas:Song; Never Been Any Reason"
"Mount Vista in Van Buren, Arkansas:Song; Eyes Of A Woman"
"An Old Country Church:Song; Always On My Mind"
*Fun Page, VP Chicken Page:Song; In The Mood*
"Old Timers Day in Van Buren, Arkansas:Song; Just For The Old Times"
"My Van decorated with Eagles:Song; Fly Like An Eagle"
"Ice Storm 2000 in Van Buren, Arkansas:Song; Fire And Ice"
*My Two Dogs:Song; You Ain't Nothing But A Hound Dog*
"At the Fork in the road near Cedarville, Arkansas:Song; Fork In The Road"
"Mill Pond near Cedarville, Arkansas:Song; Miracles Out Of Nowhere"
"Natural Dam, Arkansas part 2:Song; Have You Ever Seen The Rain"
*Mountainburg, Arkansas:Song; Uncle Lijiah*
"Spill Way for Lake Fort Smith near Mountainburg, Arkansas:Song; Man In The Wilderness"
"Spill Way for Lake Shepard Springs in the White Rock Mountains:Song; Changes"
"Lake Fort Smith near Mountainburg, Arkansas:Song; The Dirt Road"
"Last Train To Van Buren, Arkansas:Song; Last Train To Clarksville"
"Mount Vista & Lee Creek in Van Buren, Arkansas:Song; Fool On The Hill"
"The Angel Box(to take your worries away):Song; We're On The Side Of Angels"
"Old School house on the court house lawn in Van Buren, Arkansas:Song; Thank You"
*Oldest court house west of the Mississippi River in Van Buren, Arkansas:Song; What's On My Mind*
"Butterfield Stage Coach in Arkansas:Song; Morning Sun "
"Arkansas Rocks with Sparkles:Song; Coat Of Many Colors"
"Another day on the Arkansas River:Song; New Way To Love"
*Barracks/Courthouse/Jail:Song; You Got Lucky*
"A Dream Catcher:Song; Cheyenne Anthem"
"Rock Hounds Delight:Song; Sweet Tuesday Morning"
"Another day at Mount Vista in Van Buren, Arkansas:Song; Pieces Of April"
*Clear Creek near Rudy, Arkansas:Song; Upside Down*
*Natural Dam, Arkansas after a heavy rain:Song; In My Dreams*
*Lighthouse Inn Seafood near Arkansas River in Fort Smith, Arkansas:Song; Old Fashioned Love Song*
"The Flood Wall painted by Art students part 1:Song; The Show Must Go On"
"The Flood Wall painted by Art students part 2:Song; Some Become Strangers"
"Van Buren Railway Station, A page for Blue:Song; Has Anyone Ever Written Anything For You"
*Alma Lake in Alma, Arkansas:Song; Tango In The Night*
*A Day in the Van Buren City Park:Song; I Will Run To You*
*Rooms On Fire*
*Fight It Out*
*Ostrich farm near Mountainburg, Arkansas:Song; Silent Partner*
*Frog Dance:Song; Castle Walls*
*We've Only Just Begun*
*Woman Taken By The Wind:Song; Rhiannon*
*Tell It To Her*
*River Cruising:Song; Signs Of Life*
*Distant Land*
*Say Something*
"Isn't It Midnight"
*Twentieth Century Fox*
"One Night At A Time"
"Fishing In The Dark"
"Black Water"
*Here Comes My Girl*
"Runnin' Down A Dream"
"I Miss You"
*I Need You*
"Without You"
"Finally Found A Home"
"Heart And Soul"
*Lady Of The Ozarks Shrine:Song; Amazing Grace*
"Arkansas River Valley:Song; Heart Of Gold"
"Sounds Of Silence"
"Natural Dam(with moving water):Song; Screams And Whispers"
*Van Buren Library Then and Now:Song; Words*
"Page Missing In Action"

Song For Your Enjoyment

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Tracy Byrd

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