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By:      Chuck Poupart

I am a stone sculptor by trade and have been so for about 30 years; however, I seem to have a fondness for creating Web Pages as well, which is why I have, chosen to create this page.

Now, I am sure that you are wondering why I have titled this page ' The Drowning Incident! ', so, let me explain that to you.

The way I see it, if a person is going to create a Web Page, there has to be a subject matter for them to express onto that page; hopefully, a subject matter that others can either benefit from, or, to just have an interest in and enjoy! I am hoping that the subject matter in my page will serve to satisfy both scenarios.

In my 51 years of existence, I have had some dramatic experiences! I thought that you might want to know of some of those experiences and, possibly, learn a thing or two about what to do (or, not to do) if you were faced with those same kinds situations in your life.

If this Web Page proves to be of interest to enough people and they would like to learn more of my experiences, I will consider writing more of them, for your enjoyment!

Now, for the big entrance into one of my experiences, just click on the Salmon that keeps swimming by you, irritating the hell out of us all!




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