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Well, this is where I tell you about me. There isn't much about me, though. Well let's see... I've got a boyfriend, his name is Lee. My best buddies are Kia, Faye, Alicia, and Nicole. My favorite color is purple, but no one cares about that, I know. I've got two sisters and three brothers. And I've got two parents. Wow. I live in Cordova and go to the crappy school Cordova Middle. Cordova High next year. Funfun. I am 14 years old and my birthdate is July 21, 1989. My favorite shows are That 70s Show and Friends. I can't live without Coke or Pepsi. I love pizza, cornbread, and my grandparents' purple hull peas. I have no grandparents. They're all dead. In my spare time, I like to talk to friends, shop, or go to the movies. If you saw my picture on the main page, you can see that I've got brown hair and very light blue eyes. I'm also short.. I'm 5'00". I hate being short. It sucks. Well, nothing more to say about myself, so I shall be going now. If you want to know more about me, you can just ask me..