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To become a Member...

  • Must have 400k+ player points
  • Must be a loyal Arabian Breeder
  • Must have no OB/IP/IB lines
  • Must not own a horse whom is OB/IB/IP
  • Must have at least 2 horses over 50k pts
  • Must be training at least one horse to 100k
  • Must send a stable buddy request upon application
  • You have the opportunity to include TTP in your name
  • or the Clubcard on your page
  • Must have a professional/personal free ones

    An Opportunity to have a Trinity Lined Arab...

    To Elite Arabian...Solo:

  • Mares must have 75k+ pts
  • Mares must be Arabian
  • Stores Mares only accepted, or absoluty perfect lines! as far back as they go!
  • Each mare will be voted on by the founders of the club, 2 votes of yes and you are allowed to breed
  • He is to have 10 foals
  • Foals will have the brand //TP (msg club for full details on brandings)
  • When the foal comes of age, Please notify the club. We aspire to never retire a Trinity Project Arabian. If you do, the consequences to your reputation on HorseLand, will be catastrophic!

    Note Solo will be avaliable for stud when he prime's at 100k. Get bookings early. Solos last breeding will be for bid! By that time he should have 200k hopefully!

    Solo's bookings

    Duo | Store Mare | Owned by .epiphany. 1045970

    Trio | Store Mare | Owned by F.o.c.u.S 1587844

    horse | Mare | Owned by Labre 516526

    Horse | Lines | Owned by Five star Arabians

    Horse | Lines | Owned by Physcotic 735372

    Balentia(Pending) | Lines | Owned by Araque 1375449

    Horse | Lines | Owned by KK Enduring 1582923

    Horse | Lines | Owned by Tropical Breeze Arabians 1516169

    Spring | Store mare | Owned by Forever young 1655402

    Bid | Lines | Owned by Blah