Art Video: "Wisteria" Is now up and can be watched on the main page for the time being and in the Cadaver Lounge
Cadaver Lounge is up...
A place for my video Art and My Music/noise project
It will be going on the main "Navigation Bar" once I get around to doing my site make over...
A new Art blog is up that i will be updating
A new Art Album is up...
New Art Album - 2/18/11
A mix of some new and old works...New albums coming as well as videos...



Video ArT is now up and going:

Watch At 1080 OR 720 HD, ON FULL SCREEN in the dark or low light and at HIGH VOLUME
Click here to watch on YouTube
I will be hosting my own art blog again soon... For the ones who used to go to my MySpace Blog, sorry for the lack of updates. Myspace seemed to die over night and Facebook is not friendly to self expression.

Lots coming soon...

Please come back soon!

Also in news:

Since I last posted

Last year on Halloween I tied the knot with my soulmate Melinda. Photos are posted on both my MySpace and facebook.


I like my MySpace photos better so ill just drop that link...