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The Third Eye

Things That Do Not Exist

I don't know what this site is for. It just kinda happened by accident. I was doing my day-to-day routine... You know... The usual: Cleaning, Cooking, Murder, ect. Anyway, I was cooking pasta while trying unsuccesfully to move my Grandmas body from the couch to the kitchen table. She weighed a lot, plus she had shit herself and that was dripping everywhere. When I finally manuvered her to the table and sat her down she slid over and hit the keyboard with her head... Which in turn lead to AngelFire... And Started this account... with this name. Then built this website. Bought tickets to Circus Olay in Canada, and reseved a hotel through Priceline. Yeah, she has a big head. But none of that is important. All you need to know is that the world will end in...


Mars Army