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The world was dying, had died, and was left barren. Instead of letting this natural occurance happen to their planet, the rich devised a plan. They worked against the law to create the elementals as a means of forming their own private geospheres.
There was water to hydrate the land, air to bring the much needed oxygen, earth to bring forth substance, and last of all, the most important within their logic, was fire to give warmth to their lives and energy. The more fire elemental's you could afford to keep
showed how much power was attained. The only unfortunate turnback was that they couldn't breed these elementals into mindless drones, each one had to have the character traits that went along with the element, and the more angry and rebellious fire you had, the more
energy was gathered. So they were kept secure in their holding machines, generating energy and heat, and wasting in the madness of rage and the despair of slaves. But their has been a rumour started in the farthest reaches of humanity, that one has escaped...and he's bent
on destroying the rest...


All images and story's are copywrited to Sunstrike aka Nicky Ward 2004-.