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Datho Sunstrike…. aka….. "Sunstrike, Sunny, Sun, Sunshine, Sunny-puff"
Age: Looks 21
Hair: Red
Eyes: Swirly Red Orange Yellow
Tatoos: Two brown sun's, one on shoulder, one on hip
Peircings: four loops (two at the top of each ear) four studs (two at the bottom of each ear) two bars (two on the end of each eyebrow, towards the temple)
Build: slim, just this side of underweight
Height: 6'4
Occupation: Janitor of the Leviathan Stadium

History: Son of the dimension sorcerer Henry, he is currently
being punished for prior misdeeds in his own world,
called Jayden. Contrary to his now easy-going nature
in the current dimension of Gaia, he was strict, unforgiving,
and severely power-hungry. He was an earth/fire sorcerer
and co-ruler of Jayden in his father's death/absence
(which he caused in the first place).

Sunstrike's then obsession was,
in fact, his own sister…mostly trying to get her power,
and then doing away with her, which he succeeded
in doing. He's probably still obsessed with her
in the darker parts of his mind. He also wanted Henry's
dimensional secrets from Samantha Gaedian, giving her a
soul so he could basically torture said information out of
her if need be. After the death of his sister he ruled Jayden
in his ever growing insanity and need for conquest until the
subsequent return of his own father, who punished him by
taking all the elements away except for fire, which works
as a safety catch should Sunstrike's own ambitions grow again.

When the element is in effect he starts to change into a
dragon-like salamander, which is very stupid and VERY weak
against water and ice.

Present: Having most of his mind and power stripped back,
he's now actually quite pleasant. Death and destruction
haunt him, more, in fact, then most normal people, and he
generally gets along with everybody. He is a mediocre fighter,
really, and loses more then he wins, but enjoys the challenge
anyway. The one thing that he DID keep from the mind purge
was his curiosity, which plagues him daily and gets him up to
his neck in trouble. With so many barriers to control to keep
the salamander at bay (which he hates, finding it to be ugly,
evil, and everything about himself before that he abhors) Sun
sometimes seems to lose focus in his surroundings as he sorts
himself out. Another aspect that he seems to maintain is his
intelligence…to a certain extent, when added to his curiosity,
projects and plans sometimes work…but more often blow up in
his face with unforeseen consequences.
He is a good friend to Hono Raven (elemental of air) and
Latent (now Enki) Leviathan (elemental/god of water),
they being the first people he met when coming to Gaia.
As time goes on he manages to find a whole list full of other
friends and they have all become part of his family, keeping
him from drowning in his past life.