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Samantha Gaedian
Age: ...looks about 19
Place of Birth: Jayden
Height: 5'10
Weight: 130...give or take
Hair: Red
Eyes: Purple. A side effect of her power.

Identifying feature(s): Always has the two pigtails, and the small mark next to her face. Another side effect.

Power: Illusion


Samantha Gaedian started out as the pet project for the being known only as "Henry." A highly illegal endevour amongst his kind that would have gotten him killed if it came to light. She was made by using "creator" sorcerery, and as a "dimension" sorcerer he had no right to make other beings, only the space and time that they inhabited, always alone, always moving on to the next emptiness.

She was his doll, his companion, a way for him to relieve the lonliness that consumed him. She didn't have to think much, she had no use for a soul, she was his and this is all that mattered, all that was neccessary. Of course one such as he couldn't stop with just Samantha, but she was his first success, and being so, she, though practically lifeless, a mannikin with no spirit, held his heart.

She stayed his companion until his downfall, literally, by what seemed to be her own hands, the monster rising up and killing it's master and any other that got in the way. Luke Hastor was one such, and perished into the abyss along with Henry.

Samantha is then "killed" by Cro Dena, but not totally destroyed, because you can't lose a soul that isn't there. For a long time she stayed in isolation within the lair of Datho Mere Sunstrike, son of Henry and a creator/sorcerer in his own right, until he comes across some old documents of his father's, stating that Samantha might have a higher purpose after all. What this is...who can say? But being the curious soul that he is, he decides to revive her with the help of his sister and co-creator sorceress Serin Mere Deepwater.

Having a father who could control the dimensional fabric meant that these two children could go and garner soul's where they liked, but realizing the peril that they would be in (they shouldn't even exist according to the cosmic rules) should they go themselves, they elect Cro Dena, Samantha's killer, to repent by getting the soul from a dimension known to have an exceptional amount, hereby starting Cro's Story.

Personality: Without her soul she was lifeless. She had neither feeling nor emotion, except maybe the odd spark for her creator.

A whole new world is opened for her when she's provided with a soul, but it almost comes crashing down around her when the realization that she's inhabiting a dead body. So in the beginning she's not much use to anyone, but soon event's force her to take notice and she even develops a sense of humour, managing to lock away the darker emotions as she begin's to care about the new world she has been thrown into.

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