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Cro Dena
Age: ...looks about 19-20
Place of Birth:Jayden Dimension
Height: 6'ft
Hair: black
Identifying feature(s): Cat ears and a tail mark of Air on his face.
Power: Cro has the power of air and can "hover" over short distances. He can also control most aspects of the weather, especially ligtning.


Cro Dena's a tragic figure in that he saw his best friend and fellow acolyte Luke Haster falling off the edge of a cliff, apparently pulled off by the god Henry. And then as his friend clung to the edge Cro saw Samanath Gaedian throw the man off the rest of the way. Something inside him snapped and he killed her with a spear.

After this he became hunted by Datho for making the demi god have to repair the damage. Since he is an acolyte for Serin, she devises a way for Cro to make up for the mistake. She sends him off to gather a soul from the Gaia dimention, a place where the creator god specialized in making souls.

Once there he finds nothing but trouble in the god, who works in a strip club, not to mention the other gods and goddesses also itching for the soul. The deal was if Cro could manage a way to get it first, it could be his.

Through a series of events, he actually manages to aquire the poor soul that didn't want to inhabit a body anymore. When he comes home with it however, the only thing that the two demi-gods have time for is to instill it within Samantha's body. They dissappear as their kingdom is overrun by a dark force and Cro is again left with an insane Samanatha Geadian and stuck as a prisoner for someone who wasn't very forgiving of withheld information.


Cro Dena has a sharp tounge which more often then not gets him into the most trouble. He gets angsty and quiet, usually searching out recluse, high up places to meditate on the past and his choices. His anger doesn't come very fast, but when it does, its only a fast unthinking reaction, usually done without thought of the consequences until afterwards.

All images and story's are copywrited to Sunstrike aka Nicky Ward 2004-.