Misti Chastain

Misti Chastain

Photographer Tim Thompson, Thompson Photography

Misti Chastain, born into the business of raising Arabians, is quick to admit that she had it easy growing up. Unlike some horse crazy girls, she never had to beg for a horse, or clean stalls for lessons. And for this she is grateful. Now that she is grown, she is witness daily to many young girls obsessed with horses, and some who are less fortunate whose family cannot afford the sport. This is a driving force for Misti. For she believes that horses are the answer to everything. Well, maybe not everything, but almost. And she will do everything possible to make sure any girl or boy who wants to can be around and ride horses.

"If every horse crazy child can have continual access to one horse, he/she is going to learn invaluable lessons about him/herself and (s)he is going to develop important skills, like responsibility, self reliance, communication, confidence, teamwork, patience, and most importantly (s)he will gain the all important possession, SELF ESTEEM." -Misti Chastain

Misti's first pony ride....and her life was changed forever.

Misti's training techniques are her very own. She appreciates the wide spread public awareness for gentle training techniques by movies such as The Horse Whisperer, but it is nothing new to Chastain Mist. Unabusive training has been the way since day one. And she thinks it's wonderful that more people are elevating their standards to achieve true equine communication and not mere dominance.

She has an innate ability to communicate with each and every horse, at every level. She reads a horse by body language and intangible, inexplainable methods. Through invisible communication she can calm, inspire, motivate, and make pliable the most stubborn of horses.

"Horses are not born unyielding but rather made so by circumstance which more often than not is the result of abusive human interference. Obstinateness is a learned defense and with understanding, this protective attitude can be reversed and the original pliability and willingness of every horse can be restored." -Misti Chastain

Misti and Spotlite, 1984

In her instruction, she is positive and uplifting. Sometimes humorous, but never at the expense of the rider. A foundation is of utmost importance and riders are not able to advance prematurely. "Not until every brick is in place." Emphasis at Chastain Mist is on developing soft hands, thoroughly understanding leg aids, half halts, equine body language, and a balanced seat.

"Misti is the most fun instructor I have ever had. She helps me get over my fears...always seems to know when to push me and when to back off...I love how she uses funny visualizations to help explain certain things like "be wet cardboard when you canter". It sounds crazy and makes me laugh but it works." -Amanda Carendah


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