7:30 am Rise and Shine! Feed Your Horse
8am- Breakfast (Menu)
9am- Ready to ride, Camp meeting
9:30-Catch your horse/groom/tack up
10:00-12pm - Morning Riding Lesson
12- Untack/groom & wash down your horse/ Feed your horse a snack
12:30 LUNCH (Menu)
1:00-2:00 Recreational Free Choice (No riding), includes swimming, archery, roping practice, polo practice, painting.
2:00- Optional Barn Class. At this time campers have the choice to stay in the pool, or join other campers for barn classes. Subjects vary, and groups are split by personal interests and riding levels.
Subjects include:
Polo Swings
Walking a Jump Course
Rider Aerobics
Horse Shows 101
Making Horse Treats
Trailering 101
Mane Plaiting
Grooming for the Show Ring
Handling the Spooky Horse
Horse Training
Imprinting/Leading the foal
Teach your horse tricks
3:30 Catch your horse and prepare for second ride of the day
4pm-6pm Riders sign up in advance for one of the following:
Traditional Riding Lesson in chosen discipline (working on equitation, collection, hands/seat)
Polo Match
Trail Ride
Games on Horseback (Sack Race, Egg and Spoon Race, Ride a Buck, Matched pairs, Drill Practice, Obstacle Courses, Bareback)
Western Gaming
Dressage Tests
6pm- Untack/Groom/Wash Horse/Feed your horse dinner
7pm: Eat Dinner (Menu)
8-8:30 Free time (Shower, journal writes, relax your tired bodies!) 8:30-9:30- Evening Activity, usually voted on (Talent Show, movie, night swim, vaulting demo, horse psychology lesson, THE WEB)
9:30- Bed time, flash lights, talking, reading, writing ok until 10:15.
10:15 Lights Out