OUR HORSES- We realize that this is not a huge factor in choosing a camp, but one of the things that sets us apart from other camps is our beautiful horses. We believe that we have the most lovely, well trained, sweet natured horses you will find anywhere. Some seem straight out of a fairy tale! We have Golden Dappled Palominos, Copper Chestnuts, Beautiful Bays with flowing manes and tails. Campers do not ride broken down, elderly horses. We have a lot of those on the property, too, but they are part of a horse rescue. They like to participate in grooming lessons sometimes, but for the most part, they just hang out. After a long life of service to someone else, they deserve a life of leisure.

Our horses are extremely well bred show horses of the highest caliber, resulting from over 20 years of bloodline research and expertise. The majority of our horses were bred and raised at Chastain Mist.

Our horses are our family. They live with us year round, and are not rented from somewhere else. Because of the high expense to maintain a large herd, many camps "rent" their horses from big ranches, and they have no idea what the horses' temperments or quirks are. When looking at camps, be sure to ask where the horses come from.