Before and After School Program

Chastain Mist offers one of the coolest before and after school programs imaginable! Exclusively for horse crazy kids from 1st-6th grade. Transportation available to and from Roosevelt and South Bay elementary school. Program includes riding lessons, pony club curriculum, barn management, community outings, field trips, care for rescue horses, and more.

Cost: $115/ weeek.

Hours: A.M. drop off time is flexible. Pick up is at 6pm for current rate, but can be as late as 8pm for additional charge.

Days: M-F

Our complete equestrian facility includes an indoor arena, tack lockers, wash rack, a large and warm class room, a comfy and cozy viewing room overlooking the arena, and a very clean barn.

Kids arrive in the morning and eat breakfast, help care for the horses INSIDE, and work on horse related activities in the classroom until it's time to leave for school. Because of the set up, kids can wear nice school clothes and not worry about getting dirty. All A.M. activities are indoors. Kids won't get dirty until AFTER school. Barn clothes can be stored at the facility.

Any other questions, please ask.

Very limited enrollment.

Below is a typical schedule:

AM- arrive, eat hearty breakfast, help feed horses who are in their stalls, quiet time- color horse pictures, read horse books, play horse games, work on homework with tutor assistance if necessary, get ready for school, catch bus. After School-

Arrive at barn, complete homework in classroom, Class on horse tack and conformation, change into barn clothes, ready horse for riding, don helmet, receive riding lesson from professional instructor in English or Western, care for horse, turn out or bed down, help with evening feeding of horses, go home.

Schedule will vary greatly. Field trips include vet clinics, off site dressage clinics, horse shows, horse rescues, and more. Kids won't ride every day, but every day will be spent with horses.