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Born Gerald Brom but from a young age simply called Brom by his friends. Growing up as a son of army aviator he was always moving around. Brom was exposed to vivid Japanese animation in his pre-school years. Then moving to a large army base in Alabama surrounded by hundreds of miles of forests, that became his childhood playground. His brother was also instrumental in exposing him to fantasy books and comics. He showed talent from a very young age so much so that by 20 he was already on the freelance scene and 4 years later working for TSR a company that specialises in fantasy role-play and books etc. From a technical point of view Brom’s style is similar to Julie’s he has a brilliant basic understanding of the human and animal anatomies, having a special skill of creating memorable, strange and exciting creatures. But he tends to show more rough details like veins and hairs. Also his colour selection is a lot darker, and subdued adding a dark gothic feel to most his creatures and warriors. Also Brom uses a combination of acrylics and oils rather than using one medium. He has developed a style of under-painting with acrylics and finishing with oils that allows some parts of his paintings to have that oily shine and others parts to have the matt finish of acrylic. Brom characters or subjects are either monsters or normal human warriors or a deranged combination of the two. Although most of his paintings have a very dark feel, he is capable of changing his overall style slightly to suite the subject matter. Creating heroes with a similar vibrant shiny finish to Julie’s work, but always having a slightly darker undertone to the picture. Unlike Julie Bell, Brom rarely uses live models while painting mostly working from imagination, sketches and photo’s.

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