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You gotta have the "about me" page.

Name: James (Jamie) Schipper
Age: 36
Location: Redding, CA
Favorite shows: Gilmore Girls, Star Trek Voyager, House, Bones, Angel, Grey's Anatomy
Favorite Color: PINK (followed closely by Purple then blue)
Favorite Movie: Iron Man
Favorite Video Game: Final Fantasy (all), Star Ocean: The second Story, Champions of Norrath, Return to Arms, Ratchet and Clank, God of War
Favorite Actors: Nate Hoskins, Patrick Stewart, Lance Henrikson, Daniel Radcliffe
Favorite Actresses: Adrionah Hodges, Megan Niessink, Kate Beckinsale, Lauren Graham, Jennifer Garner, Alyson Hannigan, Sara Rue, Jeri Ryan, Emma Watson
Favorite Anime: Dragonball Z, Cutey Honey, and Sailor Moon
Plays and Productions Worked On: Rocky Horror Show, ART, Picasso At The Lapin Agile, The Sound of Music, The Tempest, Amal and the Night Visitors, Visions of Grandeur, Peter Rabbit(CTC), Ugly Duckling(CTC), Annie, Serpent of Ai, Choreographer's Dance Matrix 2002-2003(RCB), Redding City Ballet's The Nutcracker 2000-2002
UPDATE Nov. 22. I'm now an uncle, my niece, Michelle Renee Schipper, was born yesterday at 10:28pm pacific time. At birth she was 7lbs.7oz. UPDATE Feb. 24, 2003I have another two plays to my record. First is "Visions of Grandeur" which was a lot of fun and "The Ugly Duckling" put on by the California Theatre Center, I got to do the lights again.

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