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                    Artist Biography



Silvia T. Modica was born in Havana, Cuba. Since her early childhood, she discovered her passion for artistic expressions. She has always been a very  sensible person, full of ideas and creativity.  As a child,  Silvia used to draw cartoon characters from Walt Disney,  Looney Tunes on wood and  painted them in tempera. She left her country at a young age. Throughout the years, Silvia visited many countries including Spain, Canada,  Puerto Rico, Mexico, Italy, Switzerland, Austria and so on. The extensive travels allowed her to experience a variety of  culture and folklores through the work of many European Masters. She graduated from the University of Puerto Rico with a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration. In 1968, Silvia enrolled in a School of Arts to learn charcoal and pastel painting.  Later, she met her husband and moved to Italy. From this union, a son and a daughter were born.  Silvia has always been searching for new styles and willing to learn and create more. Therefore, these past years, she has excelled dramatically in the academic knowledge as well as reaffirmed herself as an artist. In 1994, Silvia returned to the United States and enrolled in the Arts School of West Miami and in Miami-Dade Community College – School of Arts. Her paintings were presented in numerous art exhibitions in the Miami area. Each of Silvia’s paintings has her personal touch. She moves confidently among different styles, colors and media along with her desire to discover new frontiers for her inextinguishable creativity. In art, she puts her heart to.



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