: Basics :

[.001.] first name: Katherine
[.002.] middle name: Elizabeth.
[.003.] last name: Khaled.
[.004.] nickname(s): Kat, Katzu, Katzy, KittieKat, KitKat, Kat-zu, Sonikku
[.005.] gender: Female.
[.006.] Status: Taken.
[.007.] birthday: November 24.
[.008.] height: 5'2".
[.009.] hair color: dark brown
[.010.] eye color: hazel/brown.
[.011.] race: Caucasian.
[.012.] do you wear glasses or contacts: I've got glasses, but only wear them when needed [ie - sitting in the back of class, reading music or books].
[.013.] do you have braces: No.
[.014.] is your hair long or short: Long
[.015.] where were you born: Tulsa, Oklahoma.
[.016.] current location: Vancouver, Washington.
[.017.] zodiac sign: Sagittarius
[.018.] how many languages do you know: English is my native language. Have two years of French and will soon have three. I've been trying to teach myself a little bit of Japanese, and I'll take a course in my junior year. I also want to learn Lebanese.
[.019.] nationality: Lebanese-American.
[.020.] bad habits: Procrastinator, saying the wrong thing, nail biting, sleeping late, staying up too late.
[.021.] piercing you have: One hole in each ear.
[.022.] piercing you want: That's enough for me.
[.023.] tattoos you have: None.
[.024.] tattoos you want: None
[.025.] Today's date: 07/01/03.
[.026.] the time: 2:06 PM.
[.027.] ready for a bunch more questions: Sure.

: Family :

[.028.] mother's name: Rebecca.
[.029.] father's name: Nabil
[.030.] step-parent's names, if any: N/A.
[.031.] brother(s)'s name(s): N/A
[.032.] sister(s)'s name(s): Jacqueline
[.033.] favorite aunt: My mom's mother's youngest daughter
[.034.] favorite uncle: My mom's mother's oldest son
[.035.] favorite grandparent: Hm.
[.036.] worst relative: Tie between my mom's step-mom, and my mom's other brother
[.037.] best relative: Hnn. Either my sister, or my aunt, Sarah.
[.038.] do you get along with your parents: Yeah. More with my mom, though.
[.039.] does anyone in your family understand you?: My mom does.

: Pets :

[.040.] do you have any pets: Two dogs, only one is living with us now. The other is at my grandmother's.
[.041.] what are their names: Miles and Teddy.
[.042.] what kind of animals are they: Pomerianian and papillon.

: School :

[.043.] are you still in school: Yes, highschool.
[.044.] did you drop out: No.
[.045.] current GPA, or last GPA you got: Currently, 3.06. x.x
[.046.] favorite grade: A, of course.
[.047.] least favorite grade: The non-passing kind.
[.048.] favorite teacher: There's a lot of teachers I've liked. Busch comes to mind.
[.049.] least favorite teacher: My visual art teacher from last year.
[.050.] favorite subject: Besides art? Science.
[.051.] least favorite subject: My weakest - math/science.
[.052.] do/did you buy lunch or bring it: Usually I buy my lunch. That or don't eat at all.
[.053.] play any sports on the school's team: I was in track/field for a while.
[.054.] do/did you do any extracurricular activities: Nope.
[.055.] are/were you popular: No.
[.056.] favorite dance: I don't dance. I move to the music, and look like a moron in the process.
[.057.] favorite memory: I have a lot. Can't recall any right now though.
[.058.] least favorite dance: None, in particular.
[.059.] least favorite memory: I must've blocked it from my memory, because this question is really confusing me.
[.060.] most humiliating moment: In 4th or 5th grade, at my elementary school, on the playground. Won't elaborate.

: Favorites :

[.061.] number: 23, 24.
[.062.] clothing brand: None, in particular.
[.063.] shoes: See above.
[.064.] saying: Don't have one, currently.
[.065.] TV show: Dunno.
[.066.] sport to watch: Don't.
[.067.] vegetable: Water chestnut.
[.068.] fruit: Banana.
[.069.] movie: Moulin Rouge, The Nightmare Before Christmas, Atlantis: The Lost Empire
[.070.] magazine: Shounen Jump.
[.071.] actor: Ewan McGregor.
[.072.] actress: Nicole Kidman.
[.073.] candy: Eh, things with chocolate and nuts.
[.074.] gum: Cinnamon.
[.075.] scent: Strawberry.
[.076.] candy bar: Payday.
[.077.] ice cream flavor: Peppermint.
[.078.] color: Blue, blues/greens..
[.079.] season: Fall/Winter.
[.080.] holiday: Halloween/Christmas.
[.081.] band: At the moment, Good Charlotte.
[.082.] singer: At the moment, Utada Hikaru.
[.083.] favorite thing in your room: My computer.
[.084.] place to be: In front of my computer.
[.085.] radio station: Classical station.
[.086.] TV channel: International channel.
[.087.] junk food: Anything chocolate.
[.088.] overall food: Sashimi and miso.
[.089.] store: CompUSA.
[.090.] shoe brand: No brand, in particular.
[.091.] fast food: Chinese.
[.092.] restaurant: Bush Gardens.
[.093.] shape: Five point star.
[.094.] time of day: Late night.
[.095.] country: To live in - Hawai'i. Culture - Japan.
[.096.] state: Hawai'i.
[.097.] boy's name: Anything not mainstream.
[.098.] girl's name: Anything not mainstream.
[.099.] mall: Vancouver Mall.
[.100.] video game: Basically any Sonic game.
[.101.] shampoo: No preference.
[.102.] board game: None.
[.103.] computer game: None.
[.104.] car: No idea.
[.105.] music video: some Sonique song for SatAM.
[.106.] swear word: Che.
[.107.] word: I don't really have one.. Does shnikies count?
[.108.] month: October.
[.109.] cartoon character: Sonic the Hedgehog and co..
[.110.] scary movie: None, in particular.
[.111.] team: I don't care for sports.
[.112.] possession: My game systems.

: What's the first thing that comes to mind when you hear :

[.113.] eminem: Dumbass.
[.114.] dog: Need to bathe.
[.115.] hot: Desert sands.
[.116.] Britney spears: Ugh.
[.117.] nsync: Lame.
[.118.] real world: Unstable and misguided.
[.119.] orange: juice.
[.120.] choice: Balance.
[.121.] black: Comfortable, but not in the heat.
[.122.] ICQ: Oh yeah, that's somewhere on my computer..
[.123.] insane clown posse: Disturbing.
[.124.] linkin park: Pretty good.
[.125.] Jack: Skellington.
[.126.] rainbow: Double band.
[.127.] cherry: Too sweet.
[.128.] cucumber: Crunchy
[.129.] shark: Sharp teeth.
[.130.] lighthouse: Foggy cliffside.
[.131.] bat: Whore. [ I think only Nick would get this.. ]
[.132.] leather: Riku.
[.133.] American: Pride.
[.134.] water: Raindrops.
[.135.] volcano: Hawai'i

: This or that :

[.136.] rock or rap: Rock.
[.137.] rock or pop: Rock.
[.138.] rock or R&B: R&B.
[.139.] rock or metal: Rock.
[.140.] rap or pop: Pop.
[.141.] rap or R&B: R&B.
[.142.] rap or metal: Metal.
[.143.] pop or R&B: R&B.
[.144.] pop or metal: Metal.
[.145.] R&B or metal: R&B.
[.146.] linkin park or limp bizkit: Linkin Park.
[.147.] tool or korn: I really don't know either.
[.148.] Selena or Jennifer Lopez: Same as above.
[.149.] hot or cold: Hot
[.150.] winter or summer: Winter.
[.151.] spring or fall: Fall.
[.152.] shakira or Britney: Neither.
[.153.] Icp or eminem: Neither.
[.154.] Marilyn Manson or rob zombie: Again, don't really know either.
[.155.] kittie or garbage: Again, above.
[.156.] MTV or vh1: vh1.
[.157.] Buffy or angel: Buffy.
[.158.] Dawsons creek or Gilmore girls: Neither.
[.159.] football or basketball: Neither.
[.160.] summer Olympics or winter Olympics: No opinion.
[.161.] skiing or snowboarding: Snowboarding.
[.162.] rollerblading or skateboarding: Rollerblading.
[.163.] black or white: White.
[.164.] orange or red: Red.
[.165.] yellow or green: Green.
[.166.] purple or pink: Purple.
[.167.] slipknot or mudvayne: I don't know either.
[.168.] hot topic or Pac sun: Hot Topic.
[.169.] inside or outside: Inside.
[.170.] weed or alcohol: Alcohol.
[.171.] cell phone or pager: Cell phone.
[.172.] pen or pencil: Pencil.
[.173.] power puff girls or Charlie's angels: Powerpuff Girls.
[.174.] Scooby doo or dino: Scooby Doo.
[.175.] dragon ball z or pokemon: Dragonball Z.
[.176.] star wars or star trek: HAH. Oh, I mean, neither.
[.177.] tattoos or piercing: Piercing.
[.178.] prep or punk: Punk.
[.179.] slut or whore: Slut.

: Private life :

[.180.] do you have a boyfriend or girlfriend: Yes, a boyfriend.
[.181.] do you have a crush: My boyfriend. Duh. =P
[.182.] do you love anyone right now: Yes.
[.183.] have you ever been in love: Not until now.
[.184.] how many hearts have you broken: One apparently..
[.185.] how many people broke your heart: One.
[.186.] best quote to sum up love: "Love is something no one should live their life on this Earth and go without knowing." "The greatest thing you'll ever learn, is just to love, and be loved in return."
[.187.] so what is your bf/gf/crush like: Sweet, caring and romantic. Thinks of other's needs, stands up for what he thinks is right, always very logical (he'll need to be when I'm not, heh). Gentle and funny. Extremely huggable and extremely handsome. Perfect. ^^
[.188.] do you have a picture of him/her: Not yet sadly..
[.189.] please post it if you do: See above.
[.190.] do you have a picture of yourself: Many, unfortunately. My parents have them.
[.191.] please post it if you do: Nope. >>
[.192.] do you go by looks or personality: Both wouldn't hurt. Personality is obviously more important. I'm not shallow or anything, but it'd always be a plus if they're good looking. I'd never forfeit on personality.
[.193.] ever kiss a friend: No.
[.194.] are you still friends: N/A.

: Would you ever :

[.195.] bungee jump: No way.
[.196.] sky dive: Sure.
[.197] swim with dolphins: Yes.
[.198.] scuba dive: Sure.
[.199.] go rock climbing: Sure.
[.200.] eat shit for $1,000,000: .. o.O What kind of question is this? Hell no.
[.201.] turn your back on your friends for personal gain: Never.
[.202.] steal a friend's boyfriend/girlfriend: No.
[.203.] cross-dress: I've crossplayed before..
[.204.] lie to the police: No.
[.205.] run from the police: I'm not stupid.
[.206.] lie to your parents: If it was in their best interest.
[.207.] walk up to a stranger and kiss them: No.
[.208.] be an exotic dancer: Nah.
[.209.] walk out of a restaurant without paying: If the building was about to blow up or something, yeah..
[.210.] streak: Too self conscious.

: Your friends :

[.211.] best friend(s): Mike, Mani, Gee, Natashi, Karin, Darryl, Eric.
[.212.] known longest: Mike.
[.213.] wish you talked to more: Mani, Natashi, Darryl, Eric.
[.214.] wish you saw more: All.
[.215.] how many friends do you think you have: Not very many. I'm not a socialite.
[.216.] who drives you insane after a while: Gee and Mike. But in a good way.
[.217.] who can you stay around forever and never get sick of only one friend: Mani. We're always on the same wavelength it seems.
[.218.] ever lose a good friend because you took it to the 'next level': Nope.
[.219.] craziest: Mike and Gee.
[.220.] loudest: Gee.
[.221.] shyest: That would be me.
[.222.] best hair: Mani, probably.
[.223.] can always make you laugh: If they try, all of them can.
[.224.] best eyes: Dunno.
[.225.] best body: Mike, probably.
[.226.] most athletic: Mike, most likely.
[.227.] hot tempered: None.
[.228.] most impatient: Darryl.
[.229.] talented: They're all talented! =P
[.230.] best singer: Dunno, Mike can do some pretty weird shit with his voice though.
[.231.] skinniest: Mani. I envy her.

: Have you ever :

[.232.] flashed someone: No.
[.233.] told the person you liked how you felt: Yes.
[.234.] been to Michigan: No.
[.235.] gotten really REALLY wasted: No.
[.236.] gone to jail or juvi: No.
[.237.] skateboarded: No.
[.238.] skinny dipped: No.
[.239.] stolen anything: No.
[.240.] wanted to kick my ass for making this so long: Yeah.
[.241.] kicked someone's ass: Sort of. Mine got kicked too.
[.242.] pegged someone in the head with a snowball: No, my aim sucks.
[.243.] broken a beer bottle: Why would I want to?
[.244.] gotten into a bar, under age: No.
[.245.] gone on a road trip: With family, numerous times.
[.246.] gone on vacation without adult supervision: No.
[.247.] been to a concert: No.
[.248.] been to another country: No.
[.249.] talked back to an adult: Yes.
[.250.] got pulled over: Not with me driving, no.
[.251.] got in a car accident: A few, yes.
[.252.] broken a law: Sure. Check out my extensive mp3 list.
[.253.] given money to a homeless person: Yes.
[.254.] cried to get out of trouble: I did when I was a lot younger.
[.255.] kissed a friend's brother or sister: No.
[.256.] kissed a brother or sister's friend: No.
[.257.] dropped something on the floor that you were cooking and let someone eat it: No. o.O Ew.

: Opinions :

[.258.] what do you think...about pop music: Some is good, a lot is bad.
[.259.] about boy bands: They suck. No matter who they are.
[.260.] about flag burning: Bastards!
[.261.] of the war on terrorists: When will this stupidity end?
[.262.] about suicide: Pathetic and cowardly.
[.263.] about people who try to force their opinions on you: They need to shut up and go away before my tolerance fades.
[.264.] where do you think you'll be in 10 years: Well on my career path, and not in this house.
[.265.] who do you think you'll still be friends with in 5 years: Mike, Gee, Nick, Mani, Karin, Darryl.

: What did you do :

[.266.] last birthday: Was at school, so nothing big. Came home to my parents wanting to hang on me and express their disbelief that their daughter could be 15.
[.267.] yesterday: Same thing as today. Slept really late, woke up, ate, got on computer.
[.268.] last weekend: Same as this weekend. Slept really late, woke up, ate, got on computer.
[.269.] Christmas: Normal Christmas with my family, got a PS2 and Kingdom Hearts.
[.270.] Thanksgiving: Can't really remember what happened. We ate, though.
[.271.] New Year's Eve: I was in my room and on the computer, as I usually am on New Year's Eve. Left my room a couple times for some sparkling cider and the countdown.
[.273.] Easter: Didn't do anything for Easter this year.
[.274.] Valentine's Day: Nothing. Wasn't that a class day?

: The last :

[.275.] thing you ate: Steak last night for dinner.
[.276.] thing you drank: Water.
[.277.] thing you wore: Jeans, semi-long sleeve beige top and sneakers.
[.278.] place you went: Does the bathroom count? If not, Beaches on Sunday with my family.
[.279.] thing you got pierced/tattooed: Ears, years ago.
[.280.] person you saw: Mother.
[.281.] person you talked to: My boyfriend.
[.282.] song you heard: Theme Song, Sonic Heroes.

: Now :

[.283.] what are you eating: Nothing, at the moment.
[.284.] what are you drinking: Water.
[.285.] what are you wearing: Pajama top and pants.
[.286.] any shoes on: No.
[.287.] hair: Down.
[.288.] listening to: TV in the other room.
[.289.] talking to anyone: Nope.

: Yes or no :

[.290.] are you a vegetarian: No.
[.291.] do you like cows: I like beef, yes.
[.292.] are you a bitch: If the situation calls for it.
[.293.] are you artistic: Yes.
[.294.] do you write poetry: I'm barely ever inspired enough to.
[.295.] are you a fast runner: When I'm in shape.
[.296.] can you ski: I've never tried it.
[.297.] are you British: No.
[.298.] did you ever give Barbie a haircut: Yes.
[.299.] would you eat Mac & cheese with hot dogs in it: I think my mom made that when I was a kid.
[.300.] do you think Disney creators were on acid when they made Alice in wonderland: Disney creators rip stuff off, like the Lion King. They didn't create Alice in Wonderland.
[.301.] are you straight: Yes.
[.302.] are you evil: I can be.

: Random questions :

[.303.] if you could be any animal, what would you be: Arctic Fox.
[.304.] if you had to eat one thing for the rest of your life, what would it be: Sushi.
[.305.] do you remember any of your dreams: Yes, but I wish I remembered more often.
[.306.] do you dream in color or black and white: Color.
[.307.] do you admit when you need help with a problem: Not if it's incredibly minor, or incredibly major [those are usually up to me, anyway]. In between, sure.
[.308.] can people read you like a book: No.
[.309.] what's your biggest fear: Losing my right hand.
[.310.] do you talk a lot: No.
[.311.] are you afraid of clowns: Yeah, sorta.
[.312.] do you like spiders: NO.
[.313.] how about grape kool-aid: It's okay.
[.314.] can you drive: Not yet.
[.315.] are you spoiled: I don't think so.
[.316.] are you anti-social: I can be very.
[.317.] do you see dumb people: Everywhere.
[.318.] do you see dead people: I'm pretty sure I did once at one point.
[.319.] any last words: I took this survey backwards. So this would be a first thought.