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We start by seeing Jean-Claude entering a train station fully dressed in ski clothes. He addresses a train guard, and asks him where can he catch the train for Bourg-Saint-Maurice, but the guard explains him that he's mistaken because there's no train to that place at Saint-Lazare station; still Jean-Claude says in his ticket it's written he should catch the train there, but the guard looks at the ticket and tells him he's wrong.

(At the mountains) Popeye is skiing and speaking for someone we cannot see. Suddenly he stops and turns back, calling out for a Madame Schmitt; she starts calling for help and Popeye sees she has fallen and is hurt.

Popeye and Mme Schmitt arrive by helicopter to where Jérôme also arrives (by car); he takes a look at Mme Schmitt's leg, and tells the nurse (from the helicopter) they need to put the knee back in place. Jérôme's technique to do it, is: at the same time he puts the knee in place, the nurse slaps Schmitt in the face.

Jean-Claude arrives by taxi to the hotel, and heads for the reception. The receptionist shows him his room, but Jean-Claude tells her he asked for a couple's room, and that's a single room, because a girl from Paris might join him later (he's obviously lying).

Bernard and Nathalie arrive at their hotel. They have a time-share room, and when they get at the reception, both tired, the receptionist explains them the previous occupants are still in the room. Bernard heads there, where a couple is finishing packing. He and Nathalie are a bit rude to the couple, who keep on apologizing for their delay in leaving. Bernard also points out to them that there's a place on the wall for each room owner to put on their personal touch, and so he removes the couple's painting that was hanging and places his.

When they finally leave, Bernard and Nathalie are resting on the sofa, when they notice that the couple has left something behind - their Scrabble game. Nathalie heads to the apartment's balcony and throws the box for the couple who were placing their bags in the car; the box falls on another car and the pieces are scattered on the snow. Still, they both thank her.

At the crêperie, (owned by Gigi now married to Jérôme) a customer (Gilbert) asks for a crêpe au suc, but Gigi argues with him saying the only crêpes available are those in the menu. Eventually, Gigi and her chef end up throwing Gilbert out of the restaurant, just as Jérôme is arriving.

In the kitchen, Gigi asks Jérôme about the emergency he had to attend, and he jokes about it saying the woman (Mme Schmitt) was a good-looking Swedish and that he felt a chemistry between them. Gigi believes him and acts jealously, and says he gets to meet interesting people and she only gets stupid customers who keep on asking for crêpes au sucre.

They are arguing, when Christiane enters the crêperie. They are all happy to see each other, and Christiane tells them she's in love by a married man called Marius, who's outside waiting; when Gigi and Jérôme look outside they see an older man by a car, trying to get his wedding ring out of his finger.

Gigi, Jérôme, Bernard and Nathalie are on the street talking about Popeye, who now works at a sport's shop. Gigi says that Popeye works there and his wife accepted him back even after he cheated on her.

Nathalie and Bernard enter the shop to buy all the basics to ski; Popeye presents them his wife and her cousin. After all the shopping is done, Bernard asks him if they'll gets a small discount, but Popeye says he can't because his wife and cousin said no (it's obvious that even though Popeye says he owns the shop too, his wife and cousin are the ones who run the place).

Jean-Claude heads again to the receptionist asking for a couple's bedroom, because of the so-called woman who'll come; the receptionist says she'll get one, and asks him if tomorrow morning he wants 2 breakfasts in his room.

On the skiing tracks, Popeye is teaching Bernard, Nathalie, Gigi and Jean-Claude how to ski; he's pointing out Jean-Claude and Bernard's mistakes, and realizes that Nathalie isn't skiing because her boots are too large.

Bernard and Nathalie are waiting in line to catch the cable car. Bernard explains her and the guy who was before in the crêperie, how to use it. Nathalie is still complaining about about her boots, and half the way up she wants to leave, but her trousers get stuck, ruining her outfit; Bernard, who was ahead laughs at her but he soon leaves the cable car after hitting with his face on the snow.

On the lower part of the hill, people are able to sit outside, and of them is Jean-Claude who sees Bernard arriving. As Bernard is placing his skis on the platform, all the others skis who belonged to the people sitting fall, but he apologizes and puts all back in place. Jean-Claude says he won't have dinner with them because he has a date with the hotel's owner, and that something might happen between the two. He's in a hurry because he has to catch the cable car to the hotel so he can change, and Bernard says it's almost closing time.

Bernard sits on one of the chairs, catching some sun, when he sees the guy from the crêperie taking his skis; Bernard says those are his skis, but the guy says that those are his. Bernard points out that his have their name on them, and the guy realizes he's wrong; still, Bernard is a bit rude and claims that the guy wanted his skis because they are new and the others are old. Bernard picks one of the guys skis and throws it downhill; Gilbert ends up running after his ski which is sliding down the mountain. Once again, while putting his skis on the platform, all the other falls too.

When Bernard is leaving, on a road, he sees a small crowd around a car; a man is arguing with Gilbert, because his ski hit the front glass and almost hit is old mother. The guy says it's not his fault, and Bernard passes by all of them without being noticed.

Jean-Claude catches the cable, but the guy running it doesn't see him enter it, and when he leaves his cabin he still doesn't see Jean-Claude. Assuming that no one's using it, the guy shuts it down leaving Jean-Claude midway.

It's getting dark and it's starting to snow, and Marius is sitting, watching Christiane practicing her skiing; he's dying to leave the place but she's having fun.

Back at Popeye's store, Bernard and Nathalie are buying some new boots for her. Bernard watches a poster where is advertised helicopter trips, and asks Popeye if it's possible to have one; he says he'll plan one for them. The cousin calls out for Popeye, and tells him some money is missing; Popeye doesn't like his way of putting it and says he'll give the money back. It looks like Nathalie found her size, and while she's trying them, Popeye asks Bernard if he can lend him some money, which he does. Bernard and Popeye start closing the boot clips on Nathalie, but when they reach the top one, Nathalie screams because it's too tight; Popeye advises her to wear them a bit so later they'll be more easily removed.

It's getting darker, and Jean-Claude is still sitting on the cable car whistling.

Nathalie is brushing her teeth, and when she finishes it, she leaves the bathroom and we see she's still wearing the boots as she goes to bed.

Now it's completely dark, and Jean-Claude is still on the same place, now singing. He then finally decides to leave the cable car by jumping down; after falling hard on the snow, he runs back still singing.

It's morning, and Jean-Claude (who is wearing his ski outfit in bed) is awakened by the receptionist, who asks him for his girlfriend; Jean-Claude still says she'll come.

Bernard comes outside and heads for his car; he tries to insert his key on the door lock, but he has problems with it. At first he think the lock is frozen, so he tries to warm it and the key with his breath, but then he decides to pee on the lock. The guy from the crêperie shows up and tells Bernard he's peeing on his car; by looking inside, Bernard realizes that's not his car; still he finishes peeing.

Jean-Claude heads for the skiing school. Inside there's a board with all the names and faces of the ski teachers; Jean-Claude picks a good looking girl called Anne Laurencin. The school receptionist asks him if he wants one or two hours of class, but he says he wants the whole day.

Outside, Jean-Claude is waiting for his teacher, when Popeye and Jérôme show up. As soon as they leave (they're going to sky too), a man comes and presents himself as his substitute teacher, what leaves Jean-Claude disappointed.

Jérôme and Popeye are in line waiting for the cable car, and Jérôme plays a trick Popeye played before at Jean-Claude: to pretend being hit with the skis in the head...but this time the girl in front of him didn't believe, as Jean-Claude did; but when she turns around she really hits Popeye in the head. After this, Jérôme's pager starts biping, and he says he has to attend an emergency.

When he arrives at his office, an old couple is there along with their pig named Copain (which means friend), and they want Jérôme to take care of his anemia. Jérôme refuses and tells them he's not a veterinarian.

Jean-Claude is with his teacher, and he's tired of his lesson, so decides to make a stop. In the meantime, Jérôme is reaching to another cable car waiting line, but he doesn't brake on time and hits the last person standing, and all the others start falling like dominos. Jean-Claude and his teacher also get to the cable car and Jean-Claude tries to make conversation with a girl also in line, but when the next ride comes, the girl catches it but he doesn't because his teacher is holding his ticket.       

Back at the top of the hill, his teacher is explaining once again how to use the sticks, but then Jean-Claude turns to him and stabs one of his sticks on his back... But this was only Jean-Claude dreaming, when he was resting on a lesson break.

Somewhere else, Jérôme is practicing his slalom, and Bernard along with Popeye are watching. Popeye is the one in charge of setting the timer, but as Jérôme starts his practice a man shows up, Mr. Camus, to speak with Popeye; he starts by emptying a plastic back containing some clothes, and then he says he came back earlier and that Popeye is no longer being lodged at his house. By the conversation, Popeye was having an affair with Camus's wife also pretending to be her skiing teacher. At the same time Camus leaves, Jérôme finishes his slalom, but Popeye forgot all about the timer and makes up saying Jérôme finished in 45,8 seconds, what makes him very happy.

At night, Jérôme gives Popeye a ride to his wife's apartment, where Popeye expects to stay for the night. Martine (Popeye's wife) lets him stay, but later on he says that he had nowhere to stay because he had no money, and that Mr. Camus didn't pay him; Martine then decides to kick him out.

Jean-Claude is sleeping in his hotel room, when someone knocks at his door; he thinks it's the girl from the reception, but it's only Popeye asking if he can stay there for the night. In the morning the receptionist brings Jean-Claude his breakfast and by seeing him share his bed with Popeye, assumes he was the date Jean-Claude was talking about before.

It's the slalom competition, and after Jérôme finishes, the time announced is 67,22 seconds; he thinks that that cannot be (because of the 45,8 seconds the day before) so he decides to contest the results. Gigi tries to calm him down but he calls her idiot, and she leaves.

At their home, Gigi is packing her suitcase, when Jérôme arrives and she tells him she's going on holiday alone; they start arguing about what happened in the slalom competition, and that he's so selfish to think that there's a plot not to let the generalist doctors win, just those with a speciality. As she leaves the house, Gigi closes the door too hard, and some of the snow from the roof falls on her; Jérôme opens the door and they kiss, but suddenly Gigi remembers her dog, which is burried under the snow, and they both start digging for it.

Later on, at Gigi's crêperie is organized a private dinner. Jérôme and Bernard are cooking in the kitchen, Gigi and Nathalie are setting the table, and Jean-Claude is on the phone trying to get in touch with a girl he met before. Popeye arrives, and after come Marius and Christiane. During dinner Marius tells them he works on the wig business, claiming that Marilyn Monroe and De Gaulle wore wigs. Jean-Claude is again by the phone, trying to get in touch with the girl he met. Marius enters the kitchen, and decides to pull a prank on the others, by putting dental floss on the fondue; when everyone starts eating their fondue pieces, they all get disgusted and think it was Bernard's idea.

Once again Jean-Claude is trying, yet unsuccessfully to speak with the girl on the phone. They were all eating desert when a man knocks on the window, and Popeye says it's a guy he met before, Gilbert; Christiane says his face is familiar, and Gilbert tells her he does the weather broadcast on TV.

They all organize the helicopter trip to the mountains, where they pic-nic and pass the night on a small refuge. When they enter it, they meet some italians (2 men and a girl) who will also spend the night there. Popeye and Jean-Claude start flirting with the girl, but she ignores them both.

The small refuge is made of 2 compartments, separated by a door; because the italians were there first, they chose the inner room, and the others stayed on the outside room. After dinner, the girl said she was tired and went to the room, being followed by one of the italians; little time after, and when Popeye was discussing their route for the next day, they all started hearing out loud the italians having sex.

They all decide to start chating loud, trying to ignore the sounds from the other room. As soon as they hear eveything calm again, the italian man gets out and asks them for a cigarrette, and goes next to the other italian and whispers something in his ear. The other italian gets up and heads to the other room, and they hear them also having sex. They all look a bit stunned, and Gilbert says he's going to take a walk outside for a bit; suddenly, they hear a noise and the italian gets out of the room saying that Gilbert was staring at the room's window. Gilbert returns with a bloody nose, and they now see the first italian entering the room again.

At night they're unable to sleep because the italians next room are snoring too loud; Bernard bangs on the wall telling them they want to sleep. As soon as they stop snoring, they start listening to the italians having loud sex again. In the morning they all leave the refuge.

In town, Christiane is saying goobye to Marius, and she helps him by pushing the car which is stuck in the snow.

The group is skying when Nathalie falls and hurts her arm. Jérôme decides to do the same as he did for Mme Schmitt, and asks Gigi to play the nurse's part; however, she doesn't know how things work and hits Nathalie with her ski stick before Jérôme's orders. They start arguing, and Bernard substitutes her as a nurse; this time, Bernard only hits Nathalie after Jérôme had pull her arm back in place.

Later on, they keep skiing, but realize that Popeye, who's leading the group, doesn't know where he is. He doesn't admit it, and Gigi starts saying that they are lost and will freaze to death; Jérôme tries to calm her down, and slaps her in the face, but she slaps him back. Bernard also yells at Popeye, but this time is Nathalie who slaps Bernard.

Gilbert finds a small refuge, and they decide that the men will go find the helicopter and the girls will stay there; Jean-Claude offers to stay with Nathalie and Gigi. The four men are on their way, but Gilbert is always behind, so Popeye and Jérôme tell him to go back to the refuge.

Jean-Claude asks the girls if, in case the rescue never arrives, if they could have some type of involvement; at first they say he's not really their type, but as he tries to leave the refuge alone, they say that if there was no more hope, they would sleep with him. Suddenly, they start hearing noises, and think it's an animal approaching, but they soon see it's only Gilbert.

Popeye finally reaches a place he knows, but to get there they have to climb some rocks; Popeye gets there easily, and helps Bernard and Jérôme. In the middle of their climb, Bernard and Jérôme are hanging with only Popeye's ropes holding them from falling; Popeye tells them he can't pull them up and that they should drop some weights, like their backpacks and their boots. Jérôme looks at Bernard's wrist and sees an enourmous gold bracelet he's wearing and tells him to drop that too; at first Bernard is reluctant, saying it's a family jewel, but he eventually drops it to the snow.

It's getting dark, and at the refuge Gigi starts singing, when suddenly two men appear. They are from a village just 100 meters away from the refuge, and they offer them shelter till the others return; they also offer them something to eat with bread: la foune - it's made of all the cheese leftovers, plus some grease and local alcohol, left to rest for 3 years. They all (except Gilbert) seem reluctant to eat it because of the smell, but as soon as they take the first bite, we can see that's uneatable: Nathalie gently spits back her bite, Jean-Claude refuses to swallow and has tears in his eyes, and Gigi leaves the room; only Gilbert pleasantly eats it all.

At one of the town's restaurants, Christiane is alone and a bit drunk, when Jérôme, Popeye and Bernard arrive. She tells them she waited all night for them and that she ate 12 dozen oysters; they explain her what happened and that will now have to get the others who are at the village.

At the village house, they are all watching TV when Popeye and the others arrive; Jean-Claude looks ill and has lots of red bubbles in his face. Before they all leave, the 2 locals offer them a drink; Gigi and Nathalie refuse immediately, but Jérôme, Bernard and Popeye say they accept. The men return with a bottle which has a frog inside; Jérôme asks them how they did it, and one of them explain that they dry the frog, put it in, and with the liquid he swells. They pour the beverage for everyone, and they are all reluctant to drink it (except, again, Gilbert), but as soon as they drink it, we can see it's as undrinkable as the la foune was uneatable: Gigi falls to the ground, Jérôme holds on to his throat, Nathalie simply drops her head to the table, Jean-Claude sticks a slice of bread with la foune in his head and Popeye holds on to Jean-Claude, Bernard opens and closes his mouth, and Gilbert along with the 2 locals drink it normally.

In town, Bernard, Nathalie, Jean-Claude and Christiane are leaving. Popeye asks Bernard and Nathalie for their address, saying that in a month he'll be in Paris with a girl, for 2 or 3 weeks and he'd like to stay at their house; Bernard and Nathalie lie about their real address, and tell him they don't have a phone number.

Gilbert is also leaving in his car, and offer a ride, but Christiane says it's not needed. On the road, Jean-Claude tries to place his hand at Christiane's leg (both riding in Bernard's back seats) but she looks at him in a way which scared him. Bernard and Nathalie comment what just happened with Popeye and laugh.

Gigi and Popeye are also talking about how generous Nathalie and Bernard were, when Jérôme sees Mme Schmitt walking with the help of 2 walking-sticks; Popeye runs towards her, but with the snow they both fall to the ground.