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It's night and we see a bus arriving at a resort, where other people are waiting and singing surrounded by suitcases. As soon as the bus stops one of them enters and after welcoming them, explains the rules of the Galaswinda resort. While exiting the bus, it starts raining heavy and the surrounding lights go out, leaving everyone with only flashlights to help them find each other's suitcases. Everyone is running around, trying to find their bungalow, but one of them, Jean-Claude (Michel Blanc) can't seem to find his suitcase.

Next morning after having breakfast, some of the resort's animators welcome the newcomers (while singing the "dir la la" song). The first to arrive is Jerôme (Christian Clavier) wearing a very short bathing suit, who presents himself as being a doctor; right after arrive Jean-Claude (still wearing yesterday's clothes), Christiane (Dominique Lavanant) and Bernard (Gerard Jugnot). Jean-Claude complains he still couldn't find his luggage, Christiane complains that she couldn't find her cabin, and Bernard doesn't know where his wife is; Bernard also explains he had to spend the night in the bathroom with Christiane. The last one to arrive is Gigi (Marie-Anne Chazel).

After breakfast, the newcomers are summoned for a collective photo outside; while everyone is gathering to fit on the photo, (right above them are the resort entertainers with water buckets) Jean-Claude sees a guy carrying his suitcase and runs after him, finally retrieving his belongings and returning to the photo group. He opens his suitcase to check for his camera, exactly when the entertainer Bobo (Luis Rego) counts to 3 and the water falls on everyone.

Bernard finally finds his wife, and they head for the beach where drinks are being served for the guests. He then tells Nathalie about a love affair he had before, but she doesn't really seems bothered by that, later on admitting she also had an affair with someone else.

Gigi is going to her bungalow when she sees some luggage outside. Inside is Christiane, who is her room mate, cleaning and unpacking all her creams; she's an beautician who works in the province.

They head together to the beach; while Gigi is putting on some sunscreen cream, and Christiane is doing her nails, Jean-Claude (dressed with a robe) places his towel right behind them. He pretends to be reading a book, and tries to make conversation, but they seem to ignore him and continue their conversation. The girls start talking about what kind of men they both like, and for a moment Jean-Claude identified himself with that, but they then mention some athletic features.

It's only then they realize he was behind them listening to their conversation, and he runs to the sea for a swim. In the water were Bobo and Andre (Michel Creton), who hold him and steal his bathing shorts. The guys go sit next to Gigi and Christiane, and they all laugh at Jean-Claude. In order to get out of the water, he grabs at some seaweeds and uses them to cover himself; the guys give him back is shorts which he dresses on top of the seaweeds.

Some guests are on a platform watching one of them trying to have some aquatic skiing, but failing.

Jean-Claude is again at the beach with his camera, focusing on a girl in topless, bathing. He sets the machine's timer, runs toward her, and grabs her turning to the camera. As soon as the picture is taken, he tells her it's for his photo souvenirs.

At the men's shower room are Popeye, Jerome, and some other guy, cleaning up before dinner; Jerome steps naked out of the shower, and Popeye (who is wearing some underwear) warns him that there is a large amount of germs on places like that.

It's night, and everyone is attending a small show given by the resort's entertainers. The host is Bobo, who presents all the other entertainers; to start, he selects Jean-Claude from the crowd, to sing with them the "Dir-la-la" song and do it's choreography. A bit apart from the others are Bernard and Nathalie, having a drink; Bernard tells her she won't stop him from having some fun.

Later on, at the stage, Bernard and Christiane enter a contest: Bernard has a banana tied at his hips and with it he has to hit an orange which is at the floor; Christiane has a small stick tied at her hips which she has to introduce inside a bottle. Christiane eventually wins, and the prize is that she'll find her "holiday-man"; Andre asks her which type of men she likes, and she says: tall, blonde, blue eyes. Bobo is looking for a man like that in the crowd, and he picks one, who leaves as soon as they point him out, so Bobo chooses Jerome next.

Jerome heads for the stage, and the crowd starts asking for them to kiss, which they do. Andre then says the two of them will open the ball. Gigi sits next to Bobo and tells him she thinks she saw him before. When the music changes, Jerome leaves Christiane alone and asks a foreign tall and blonde girl named Anna to dance with him.

Nathalie is closely sitting near Popeye, and Bernard who is a row ahead and a bit jealous, heads for the dancing area and invites Christiane to dance with him.

Jean-Claude is also alone and tries to invite someone to dance with him: first Gigi, that rather dance with Bobo; then Nathalie, who was in her way back to her bedroom; then some German tourist that was talking with Popeye. When he finally finds a girl willing to dance with him, the music ends. He asks her if she was a cigarette, and as he looks for them in a small bag he brings, his photos (where he stands with different women) fall to the ground, and the girl walks away.

The two German tourists (Anna and the one who was talking to Popeye) say they're going to sleep, and as soon as they leave, Popeye and Jerome leave too after them. Gigi and Bobo are taking a walk outside on the pier, and suddenly she remembers from where she met him before, and also his real name. Bobo tells her to keep it to herself, and that he doesn't want to remember that past when he had a moustache and wore a full suit and tie.

The next day, while one of the entertainers is giving everyone his good-morning messages through the speakers, Nathalie and Bernard are playing volleyball with other tourists, while Popeye is sitting watching them. 

Andre and Bobo are walking on the beach and announcing that there'll be a swimming competition in the pool, for those who which to participate. Jerome is also arriving to the beach with the 2 German girls, when he sees Jean-Claude on the sand inside a sleeping-bag; he tells Jerome he couldn't sleep on his bungalow because of his room mate, so he decided to sleep on the beach. Jerome convinces him to get out and try the swimming pool competition.

When the competition starts, Jean-Claude crashes in the water and faints; Jerome throws himself into the pool and rescues him. Later on Jerome and Popeye carry Jean-Claude to the bathroom, since Jerome says it's not necessary to go to the infirmary.

Everyone is having lunch, and some of them (Christiane, Gigi and Bernand) asks some questions regarding health matters, to Jerome. A tourist sitting at their table lifts saying for them to guard his place because he's going to get more fish to eat; them Jean-Claude arrives, and sits at the guy's place, even after Jerome telling him it was taken.

Again the same guest as before attempts to water-sky, and is again unsuccessful.

Jerome, Popeye and Bernard, plus some two other men are at the sauna chatting, when a black man who is the masseur enters. Jerome and Popeye say it's best for Bernard to go first, and as he lyes the maseur gives him a very strong massage, making him scream all the way through it and making the others laugh.

Christiane, Gigi, Jerome, Jean-Claude and Bernard went on a small trip crossing the river by boat, used also by the locals who sing all the way through the journey. As they arrive on shore, they are followed by a large group of local children; Bernard decide to take a group photos with them, and asks Christiane to be the one taking it. She pushes the Polaroid button, but instead taking only one, photos keep on coming out, making Bernard displeased with it.

Gigi and Christiane are looking for some dresses to buy, when Jean-Claude asks them what they think of his outfit; Christiane says it'll be too warm because it's too dark, and she offers him some sunscreen for him to use.

Bernard is interested in a statue for sale, and the man selling it says it's 30.000 francs. Bernard thinks it's a bit too high, and Jerome advices him to negotiate the price, proposing 15.000 for it; whatever price Jerome proposed, the man always answers it's 30.000 francs. Eventually, Bernard pays that amount and takes the statue with him.

They them head for the store where the girls were, and outside Jean-Claude is looking a bit sun burnt, because after putting the sunscreen he came outside. After Christiane bought her dress they pass by a man who's selling some food, and Jerome decides to buy some red peppers to eat.

At the resort, Popeye is dancing with some girl when Nathalie arrives, saying she has done some thinking and that she would like to sleep with him; first Popeye says it's too late for that, but them comes up with an excuse for the girl he was dancing with, and leaves with Nathalie.

It's night when the boat brings back Bernard, Christiane, Jerome, Gigi and Jean-Claude. Bernard is walking along with Jerome, who isn't feeling that well, because of the peppers he ate, when they both see Nathalie and Popeye; she sees them, and then kisses Popeye for Bernard to see.

At Popeye's bungalow, he and Nathalie are kissing, when he decides to take off his clothes; to impress the women he uses very tight trousers, and he has a hard time getting them off, but them he carefully folds them. Nathalie is telling about the first impression she had on him, and he, to show her his strength lifts up the bed with her on top, but as he puts it back on the floor he hurts his foot; Nathalie says he looks like concrete on the outside, but in the inside he must be very fragile. He then takes his jacket off, and Nathalie starts laughing when she sees his underwear saying he should've change it; as she says this he takes them off and joins her in bed.

Some guests are sitting around a fire where some food is being cooked, two of them are Jean-Claude and Gigi. Someone is playing the guitar, and they both start talking about music, and Jean-Claude says he studied piano for 4 years, but when he travels he plays the harmonica. He asks the one who was playing the guitar to play a song so he could play it too. Bernard arrives and sits near Gigi, but only to leave right away saying he's too tired from the boat trip; Gigi gets up and says she'll walk along with him. As soon as Jean-Claude sees Gigi leaving, he stops playing his harmonica and leaves too.

Outside Popeye's bungalow are Christiane and Bobo; he knocks on the door complaining because it's the third night on a row Popeye keeps the room to himself (since Bobo is his room mate). Bobo tells Christiane they'll have to find someplace else to be alone, and they leave.

Bernard and Gigi arrive at her bungalow, and since Christiane isn't there, Bernard will take her bed. Gigi is taking her clothes off to go to sleep (she's sleeping naked), and Bernard decides to put his bed next to hers. When he turns off the light we can hear Gigi yelling at him, because he entered her bed. At the same time, Christiane and Bobo came to check if they could use that bungalow, but Gigi tells her not to enter. Since they don't have anywhere else to go, Bobo kisses Christiane goodnight and leaves. As she's walking around, a man in another bungalow asks her in and she accepts.

Next day, Nathalie enters the resort's souvenir shop and as she sees Gigi she asks her if she has seen Bernard. Nathalie realizes she has spent the night with him, but Gigi says he was sad because he saw her with Popeye, and that between Bernard and she is only a sexually thing and nothing more.

Later on, Nathalie is watching a ping-pong game between Jerome and an Italian tourist. Jerome is loosing 8-20, but he blames it on the table; when the Italian wins him and the game finishes, we can see that Jerome has his own ping-pong case, where he keeps his raquet, some balls and his wrist band. To joke him out, the Italian man, as he is returning him the ball to keep, crushes it pretending to be accident, but Jerome keeps it on his case the same.

Jerome takes Nathalie to meet a special beach he found, where no-one goes; she doesn't find it that great as he describes it, and sits by the shore. Jerome takes his shorts out, (and we can sees he's wearing a thong with leopard skin pattern) and enters the water. As they are talking about her relationship with Bernard, Jerome feels something strange behind him... it's a piece from some car or boat, inside the water. Nathalie decides it's best to leave, and Jerome runs after her because he feels other weird stuff on the water bank.

Once again we see some guests on the platform watching one of them trying to have some aquatic skiing, but this time he was able to ski a bit. At night, some few guests and Popeye are celebrating with champagne the fact that the man was able to ski after 14 attempts.

Outside, on the beach, Bernard and Christiane are both drunk and start doing stupid things: Christiane throws one of Bernard's shoes to the water, and he throws to the sea all the stuff she had on her purse. They then start kissing, lying on the sand, when they're interrupted by Popeye who's asking for a cigarette. He then sits between the two, and starts telling them things about his past and his wife, and crying.

Popeye then leaves taking Bernard's whole cigarette pack. Bernard starts collecting all of Christiane's purse content from the shore and handles it to her; she was touched by Popeye's story, but Bernard starts kissing her again, only to be interrupted once more by Popeye. He asks if he could have a word with her, and after they talked (which we can't hear) Christiane leaves with him, leaving Bernard all alone at the beach. At Christiane's bungalow, she removing her makeup while talking to Popeye, but when she turns around she founds him asleep in bed.


Bernard is getting his shoe back from the water, when Jean-Claude appears; he tells Bernard he had a great day, having lunched with some Germans tourists. Bernard asks him for a cigarette, but ends up doing the same thing as Popeye, taking the whole pack along with him and leaving Jean-Claude alone.

Next morning, some guests including Jean-Claude, Christiane and Gigi are taking some karate lessons outside from Popeye; in order to explain the "circular foot strike", Popeye picks Jean-Claude as opponent. While explaining the full movement of the strike, Popeye hurts himself on the thy and asks Jean-Claude to replace him (since Jean-Claude is an orange belt). He picks Gigi to show who to block, and tells her to attack him; she slaps him but he wasn't counting that kind of attack, and asks another guest to be opponent. Jean-Claude waits a long time for the man to attack, but he only moves when Jean-Claude turns back on him and Andre (who was watching the lesson) tells him so. Jean-Claude doesn't like that and really attacks the guest, but Popeye and Andre intervene to separate them.

At the resort, a body painting contest takes place; one of the painters is Bernard.

Another contest is organized, this time it's a boat race: Jerome and Bernard's boat sinks; Nathalie, Gigi and Christiane give up on sailing after getting lost of the race, and Jean-Claude's boat wins the race.

At the buffet, everyone celebrates Jean-Claude victory (which he shared with another tourist). Once again, Jean-Claude doesn't get lucky with women, since he was talking to one and she eventually leaves him talking to himself. On a small pier by the sunset, Gigi and Andre are dating.  

Another night show at the resort: Andre, like always is a great hit, but Bobo's performance is not very cheered. When the show is over, everyone gathers at the bar.

Next day, at the resort's kitchen, Popeye arrives with a girl; he asks the guy there to handle him some cheeses and breads for the breakfast tables. On the floor there's a hidden scale, and the girl is standing right on top of it. As he and the girl are leaving, Popeye makes up an excuse and comes back to the kitchen, asking the guy who much the girl weighted; we then see they have a log book where they register the weight of their conquests.

During breakfast, Jerome sits at the table where Popeye and a couple are eating; he and Popeye talk about the girl we saw before. That girl arrives saluting Popeye, but as he realizes that the couple sitting next to him are her parents, he leaves in a hurry; the girl's father realizes it too and slaps her in the face.

Some guys along with Popeye, Andre and Bobo are on a boat diving and fishing; after Andre's dive, they all look concerned for not seeing him return.

It's lunch time when Popeye and Bobo arrive at the resort. Bobo heads for the buffet area, looking for Gigi; he tells her that Andre is dead, and offers her his flippers. Gigi leaves the buffet in shock, dropping her plate and screaming. Jerome realizes her condition and runs after her.

Jean-Claude and Christiane who witnessed Gigi's reaction, as they sit at a table and discuss their love relationships and also the strange relationship between Nathalie and Bernard; Jean-Claude then decides to go and talk to Nathalie. He reaches her table offering her a dessert; Bernard, who is at the other side of the table, asks Nathalie if she wants to come in a boat trip but she says she'd rather rest. Jean-Claude whispers something at her ear and she starts laughing; she's about to tells to Bernard what Jean-Claude whispered, but Jean-Claude throws a glass of water to her face. Still, she tells Bernard that Jean-Claude just proposed to sleep with her; Bernard lifts up from his seat and lands a profiterole cake and some other items in Jean-Claude's head.

Later on, Bernard and Nathalie are swimming outside, and decide to make up and be a couple again. Also swimming there are Jerome and Gigi; he tells Bernard and Nathalie that Gigi is must better now but she still needs some therapy.

It's the last day, and we see everyone gathered around with their suitcases waiting for the bus. Gigi arrives there with Jerome, looking sad and a bit lost. Jean-Claude finally finds someone: a girl who, like him, minds all the mosquito bites; he leaves the group, and tells Christiane he'll stay some few more days because he might have a chance with the girl.

Inside the resort, Bobo is telling Popeye he's also leaving. He tells him his acts weren't working so he'll try to find something else to do. As Bobo turns backs on Popeye, the new tourist bus arrives and they both start looking at the girls, and we see Bobo soon gives up leaving the resort.


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