Que la fête commence
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Que la fête commence


On this film Christian appears shortly, along with Thierry Lhermitte, and he plays a valet.



In the scene, Christian is outside when Lhermitte comes and presents himself as an Earl cousin of the Regent.



Christian shows him a painting from Klingstedt (a swedish painter) which Lhermitte takes, promising to pay for it later at a Hotel.



 We then see Christian with a small purse of money in his hand, which he stole from Lhermitte.



Suddenly, we hear someone yealling "catch the thief" and Lhermitte jumps out one of the house's window.



The people outside run towards him and hold him down, and he says somebody else is the murder and thief.

Christian reaches out to him and retrieves the painting, saying Lhermitte stole that from him.



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