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re: Country Garden Weddings website


Hi Linda, 

Just in case I don't actually get to a phone and tell you in person, I looked up your website. It is beautiful and so well designed. It is easy to navigate with information easy to obtain and dialogue friendly but informative.

Congratulations! Martha




I just had a quick look at your web site, it's great. One of the best I've seen.


Hi Linda, 

I met you at the Oceanside Women's Business Network, and we spoke briefly about linking to each other's site.

I checked your site and it looks great, actually wonderful. Who developed it for you? We had a company in the US do ours last year, but felt that the hosting costs were just too much this year, and we switched to but basically that's all they do. I am looking for someone to be our webmaster and I wondered if you could recommend someone, so we can get the linking developed.



WOW!! who's the webmaster? They did a great job- it looks great, even on a  Mac!!!  How exciting...