Gotholicism... what is it?

What exactly is gothic? Who should be considered a goth? Does wearing a certain type of clothing, jewelry, or makeup make you 'goth'. The answer is no. Gothic culture is the people who have a deep love for the dark, mysterious, and morbid, and sometimes an obsession with death. They also seem to be misplaced in time... meaning they should have been in the 1890(I believe) when macabre style of dress was the popular thing. The thing is, there are very few of any of the true 'goths' left. Its all a fashion thing now and nobody cares to know why they wear what they do. They think spiked collars will make them 'goth'. No children, wearing black, spiked collars, and multiple body mods does not make you goth, it makes you just someone who likes the fashion. If you dont have the attitude to go with the outfit, all you have are some clothes.

Now, before everyone jumps on my back, no. I am not a goth. I do not have an obsession with death, nor a talent to make my own clothes. Why do I paint my nails black? Why do I wear a spiked collar or have eight pinna (simply ear) peircings? Its because I like the style. Therefore, I do not claim to be what I am not, and anyone who lables me as thus are duly righted. The End. Period.

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