“Congratulations!” I said to Arram. He had just been married not even twenty minutes ago. I had anxiously awaited the wedding feast. Joshua (that’s Aramaic for Jesus)and Mary were going to be there, along with all his disciples.I haven’t seen him in at least a month.

Soon the wedding party came in. There was Arram and Delilah first, then her handmaidens and servants, and then the most honored guests. That’s right, you guessed it. It was Joshua, Mary, and the disciples. Joseph would have come also, but I had heard he was ill.

The feast started in full swing. Jesus and I danced and danced till our feet almost fell off. He introduced me to his disciples too. Some time later, Mary came up to us while we were talking about the Torah with a worried look. She said,

“Joshua, we are out of wine.”

He replied,

“Mother, that is no concern of mine.”

Then they had one of those ‘mother-child’ stare-offs. Of course, Mary won, and lead Joshua into the back room of the house. I followed, I didn’t want to let one of my best friends go with no moral support.

We went into the back room where they had all the huge storage jugs. Mary said,

“Do whatever he tells you.”

to the servants. Joshua though for awhile, leaning up against the wall, and then said,

“Fill those water casks with water, and then take a goblet to the master of the feast.”

I watched, awestruck, as the casks were filled with water. Now, I saw that with my very own eyes, and I swear by God in heaven that that was water that went into the jugs. When they were full, the servant drew up a pitcher and took it to the master of the feast, which was Arram. When they left the room, Joshua waited with me while I got a glass. It was great!

I heard from outside, Arram said,

“Why do bring out the choice wine after everyone has gotten drunk already!?”

Joshua grinned at me and said,
“Ruthi, let’s go back to our table and discuss some more of the Torah.”

So we did.