...as of 4-28-03...

So I suppose you might want to know a little about me... I'm sixteen years old and I go to Collegiate Academy.. a prestigious school, you could say. I stand about five feet three inches and have long brown hair tipped with black. I was on student council for two years as the secretary until a glory-monger thieved it of me. Hell, I should be the president, but it's just a popularity contest.

Anyways, I used to be a preppy in the worst way two years ago, until I saw the light, that is. >winks< Metal is my favourite music, and Disturbed reigns as my favourite band. >sigh< David Draiman is so beautiful... I've been teaching myself guitar for a little while... dont ask me how long, its been... a long time. Tablature is a God-send. I currently go out with Chris Loomis, a charmingly beautiful creature who I am not worthy to ask the time of day, but I love him all the same. >woop woop< for dating a drummer. Other than that I'm sticking to the clarinet, which I've been playing for six years. I'm in da Veend Ahnsahmbley (Wind Ensemble). My favourite artists are Claude Monet, Alex Grey, and Luis Royo... I love Royo's kinky dark drawings/paintings. Matter of fact, the picture above is by Luis Royo. It is called "Parte1" because, duh, he is a Spanish painter.

Speaking of Spanish, I've had three years of it. Between my freshman and sophomore year (during the summer.. durante el verano) I took Spanish 2. I have a tendency to slip into a choppy "Spanglish", as it has been dubbed. Another bad habit I have is answering my friends who I know have taken spanish in quick, barely understandable Spanish reply. Por supuesto, español es más facíl que inglés. I'm also currently taking Russian... I would write some, but I don't have the software on my computer.. it's a hard language, but as soon as you learn all thirty-six of the letters, it's a little easier. It also helps that my teacher is from Russia, so she doesn't have a soppy dialect taught to her from some college. She also teaches us more of the colloquialisms that we wouldn't learn in a regular language class.

Currently, other than summer reading for AP Lang Arts, one of my educational goals is to pick up a fair amount of German. Since I discovered the band Rammstein, I've been listening to their music over and over to try and pick up something... anything. My favorite song is from the Senschute (I think that's how its spelled) album and is called "Klavier", which means 'piano' in German. It's simply a beautiful song, and my boyfriend gets pissy with me whenever I listen to it because I know practically the whole thing and what they're saying as well. Ah, German does sound nice when put to good music.

Lastly, I am an artist in most respects. I write poetry and literature, paint, draw, and play music. I just don't dance... no, no, no... Well, thank you for reading about me. Hopefully it has given you some insights into my twisted little mind. Love to those who deserve it.

Oh, and as a last reminder, body mod-ing is hott.