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Taruithorn Society

The Fellowship of the Costume Hunting

group photo L to R:Anna,Maria,Katie,Nikoli,Tora,Edward,Owen. As you can see, I am not a good photographer. However, these lovely subjects (albet rightly tired from the tragedy of getting up early on a weekend AND trampsing all around Oxford for hours) make my paltry attempts at capturing them on camera worthwhile.

I know, you say how can it be a fellowship with only 7 people in the "group" photo? To this I simply reply...some were camera shy...

We had great fun! The End...for now. *ominous music plays*


Row 1 L to R: 1)Me(Sara),exhibiting the magic of many hairpins to make pincurls 2)Our gracious cooks, Tora,Colin, and Sophia 3)an epic battle between a Gondorian soldier and Morwen...who won? Owen is crouching in the backround trying not to get killed whilst taking pictures! 4)Lovely lady Eowyn (Rachel) and Prince Imrahil (Richard) 5)fine ladies again! 6)ah, my trisky camera could not help but capture the pretty Morwen (Peggy) happly unaware of cameras and eating warg soup! 7)A guard of the white city (Edward)showing off his sword.

Row 2 L to R: 1)Anke and Pete singing 2)Smith and Merry together, Merry looks strange methinks 3)Saruman the Jester (Anna) and Smith displaying their costume prizes 4)The beautiful Arwen (Tora) 5)Me looking at the Taruithorn banner in full costume 6)Frodo (Maria) gazing with longing at the one ring! 7)Me afterwards! Thank you all for a most delightful and memorable evening! :)