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Shadowed Panel Frame

TERMS: This Tutorial is copyright by Shea's Creations and may NOT be added to your site for download, included in a CD, or Emailed in part or whole to others. However, the graphics created using the tutorials are yours to do with as you wish. If you want others to take part in the tutorials, please e-mail me and I will be happy to give permission. Thanks

If you have any problems, comments or suggestions please e-mail  me!


Welcome.. Lets get Started.

Supplies needed:

Paint Shop Pro Get it here:

Gold Pattern fill, right click and save to your hard drive. Open this pattern in Paint Shop for use.

You will need the following Filters. I have provided the links to where you can download them.

FM File Tools ----> Get a free Trial Copy Here

Graphics Plus -----> Here

Last but not Least an image to use..

I am using an image from Jim Warren. I have permission to use this image and I cannot offer it for download. You can click on the link here and visit his site.

Alright, now I think we can get started!

1. Open your image and duplicate it twice.. Close your original. Right click and copy one of the images and minimize it ..

2. Pick  a color from your image and set it as your background color. Set white as your foreground color.

3. Plug-ins Fm File Tools apply Blend Emboss at default settings

4. Add a symmetrical border of 5. Using your magic wand tool select the border. Go to Your plug-ins and use the graphics plus plug-in Cross Shadow and apply the default setting. Selections invert apply the following cutout

I used the color #513B5F for your own image use a darker color of your border.

Repeat Cutout change the 2 to minus 2. Deselect.

6. Switch you foreground and background colors add a symmetrical border of 15. Select with your magic wand and right click and paste into selection. Keep Selected and apply the following inner Bevel. Deselect.

6. Switch your foreground and background colors again  repeat step 4.

7. Switch your colors again and add another border of 5 this time select the border and flood fill with the gold pattern..

Almost done..

8. Add a symmetrical border of 25.  Select the border with your magic want and right click past into selection.  Effects, Noise add Noise. Uniform set at 45. Then effects plug-ins graphics plus and choose panel stripes. use the following settings.

 Keep Selected and apply the same inner bevel as above. I did an inner bevel twice that's up to you.  Deselect and that's it.. all done..

Resize and sharpen as needed..

Hope you enjoyed this little tutorial.. 

This tutorial is of my own creation.  Any Resemblance to another is purely coincidental! Click Below to check out some of my other tutorials.

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