Note: Production dates are July 30-August 8.  Rehearsal will be in 2 phases.  Initially, we will rehearse one night per week concentrating on the text and memorization.  Actors will be responsible to have their parts memorized prior to June 17th.  The stage will be available to us exclusively in mid-June at which time we will increase the rehearsal schedule and finalize blocking and all technical aspects of the show. The page numbers referred to in the schedule refer to the pages of the printed script.  Printing the script from the web will result in different numbering.  You will recieve a printed script from the director.  If your character does not appear in the portion being rehearsed you do not have to attend that rehearsal.  Otherwise, actors must attend all rehearsals as a courtesy to the other actors, who depend upon each other for inspiration and accurate physical and verbal cues.


8:  7pm- Read Thru


15:  7pm-read thru Act I - 1-28

22:  7pm-read thru Act II - 28-48

29:  7pm-read thru Act III -48-63


6:  7pm-read thru Act IV -63-82

13:  7pm-read thru Act V -82-96

20:  7pm-Act I Memory

27:  7pm-Act II Memory


2:  7pm-Act III Memory

10  7pm-Act IV Memory


17:  7pm-Act V Memory

21:  7pm-Block  1-26

23:  7pm-Block  27-48

24:  7pm-Block  27-48

27:  2pm-run 1-26

28:  7pm-Bloc 49-70

30:  7pm-Block 49-70


1:  7pm-run 27-48

7:  7pm-Block 71-96

8:  7pm-Block 71-96

11:  2pm-run 49-70

12:  7pm-run 1-70

14:  7pm-run 71-96

15:  7pm-run Play

18:  2pm-run Play

19:  7pm-run play-Tech

21:  7pm-run play- Tech

22:  7pm-run play- Tech

25:  12:30pm- Members Dress Rehearsal

26:  7pm- Brush up

28:  7pm- Brush up

30:  6:30pm-PERFORMANCE

31:  6:30pm-PERFORMANCE


1:  12:30pm-PERFORMANCE

6:  6:30pm-PERFORMANCE

7:  6:30pm-PERFORMANCE

8:  12:30pm-PERFORMANCE