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In the Name of ALLAH, Most Gracious, Most Merciful.


This is a very easy pattern. Much of its design depends upon your personal preference, height, and weight. The fundamental idea is to fit by using the actual fabric to determine your preferences in fit and the amount of fabric needed. The large khimar covering will require 2-3 yards of 60" fabric. The skirt requires about 2 yards of 60" inch fabric. Purchase a total of at least 5 yards of 60" fabric (7 yards for dress listed below). Smaller sisters (size 6 and under) can purchase less fabric than this. Try wearing a kimono top or similar top with the skirt because it is lose and if and when portions of it may be seen, it does not show any shape. One may feel both covered and protected with this added garment underneath.

Please excuse the artwork, this is a very lovely and elegantly draped garment. Select flowing and/or natural fabrics, i.e., rayon challis, silk, lightweight wool, cotton, eyelet, etc.

Long Khimar

The top khimar is made with the pattern on the Shazeeda Shakoor site.
The lengthening adjustment is made by substituting 60" fabric for the 45" fabric (short khimar).
The shortest front length (beginning front cut) should be measured
from the top of the head to 1" beyond the tips of the fingers, inshaAllah.
Double-click here for pattern directions.

Wrap Skirt, Plain Skirt or Flowing Dress

Option 1. WRAP SKIRT with Tied Elastic Back Waistline

Wrap Skirt.

Waistband and skirt top:

Cut fabric 10" long and your hip measurement plus 4" inches wide. Fold top "A" down 1/2 inch and press complete length of fabric. Fold 3 inches again and press. (This forms the casing for the waistband tie.) Stitch the casing 1/8" from fold on wrong side of fabric leaving 4" unsewn on both ends of width of fabric.

Right sides of waistband together, baste a 5/8" seam from top to bottom. Press this seam open. Fold the casing down to pin the portion of the seam that will need opening for the waistband tie entry and exit points. Mark the seam opening positions with pins. Resew the end seams with permanent stitching leaving the pinned area untouched. Fold the waistband again into its permanent position. Finish stitching this portion of the casing to wrong side of skirt. Then open the basted tie opening for the waistband tie. Press.

Skirt Bottom:

Sew and press skirt hem in the same manner as above the second fold being, however, 1-1/2". Sew "D" to "H" forming finished hem. Sew 1" hem--"C" to "D" and "G" to "H" forming side wrap panels' finishings. Fold "G-2" down to form 1-1/2 inch pleat as tuck (This tuck should be on the inside of the final skirt on the right side.). Secure by sewing down at seam and reinforce with back and forth stitching.

Fold "G" to "E", pin in place. Fold "C" as the final wrap panel over this section. (Essentially folding the fabric wrap--one side over the other with the left side opening showing). Fit and adjust for loose hip sizing and secure with pins to form the complete circle of the skirt bottom.

Joining the skirt top with bottom.

Wrong sides together--fit the lower skirt top with the top of the skirt bottom--adjusting pins, centering (center front) the waistband tie with the skirt, and resizing accordingly. Sew a 5/8" seam around. Check your results and then sew 1 more permanent seam. Press the seam towards the waistline. Then to secure sew a final seam on the right side 1/8" above the joining. On wrong side cut away extra fabric at seam to prevent bulk. Press.

Elasticized Waistband Tie

Fold tie 1/2" on all sides-press, then fold in half and press meeting edges. Sew. Cut at mid point. Cut 1-1/2" to 2" elastic 12" long. Sew waistband tie cut ends to each side of elastic and secure with zigzag stitching. With safety pin at one end--snake one end through skirt waistband opening and coax through to entire waist back to opening. Find the back center of skirt and secure the elastic to the back of the skirt with one line of zigzag stitching (you'll never have to search for the waistband in the wash or within the seam--it's secure), inshaAllah.

InshaAllah, your feedback is appreciated:
Jazak Allah Khiran.

Complete Directions for the Following Coming Soon, InshaAllah.
Jazak Allah Khiran for your patience.




Option 3. DRESS with KIMONO SLEEVES (Full), Fitted top
--4 deep pleats in front and 1 very deep pleat in back.

Kimono Top

This top can be made in any desired length
from thigh length to the floor.

Suggestion: Use all of these patterns in all their variations
to mix and match your own unique Islamic clothing, InshaAllah.

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