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Welcome to the Magic Palace. Look I'm redecorating! Heh, so yeah, some stuff might be messed up for a while till I get everything done. I got some news and stuff for y'all but damnit, I've been too busy to do anything these days SO I'll try to get back on track :)


sakeena saara

If you "steal" pics off this site, you will NOT be held accountable. HAHAHA! Scared ya eh? Ok fine, sorry about that. Steal the pics if ya want, I don't care. They're not necessarily MINE anyway.

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It's basically about...who else? Mago! Yeah him and other stuff i.e. what happened in my life during the day and stuff like that. Check it out

Go away :p Guille's on vacation and so am I! Uhm, I think he might play Suttgart. Maybe I should just update the activity page BUT I'm lazy...
Ok I updated the activity page anyway...
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