It matters not what the world sees because the truth is always found within the heart. -S. Silverclaw

Welcome good traveler to my lair. It is here that you will find out the most about me, the worlds I inhabit, and a little bit about the player behind the character. We, the player and I, are very much alike. Our spirits are strong with a gentle side, but mostly, we like to enjoy a little bit of fun.

As you walk with me down the many paths of my existance, you will find many things. Each path leads to a new and different world. All these paths are spread out before you so that you may choose. But, choose wisely, for some may lead to places you do not wish to know about.

The first of these paths leads to my lair. My lair is like many around, it has its drawbacks and comforts, but it is unique in itself. For you see, I literally live in a hole in the wall. My garden, with it's many paths, only hides my den's entrance, but within it, you will find all the creature comforts every fur, or human for that matter, could ever want.

The next path leads to the world of furryness. I won't explain too much here, for you must find out for yourself what a fur is and what furs do. I will allow a hint of what furrydom is. Furs are those people that look much like I do, in that we are an animal with humanistic qualities.

The last path leads to the many worlds that I inhabit. In several of these worlds, I exist as I am now, a panthress, strong and true to her nature. In others, I exist as different creatures under different names. The species or the world doesn't matter, for in each, I am true to myself and I explore every possible outlet I can to express myself. Just as any of you would do, given the same situation.