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VisualEffectStars version: 2003.08.01

[Main Features]: This Java animation button applet emulates the stars and the moon.

[Execution Tips]: Use mouse to move the moon or click to link to a URL if any.

[Download and Installation Guide]: Be sure to read our FAQ 1 about license agreement before you use this program. Download and uncompress the file under your web directory. You can use the configurator in the next section or do it by yourself as follows:
Use a file editor (e.g. WordPad) to open VisualEffectStars.html and copy the code segemnt between starting and ending APPLET tags into your desirable HTML file. Supply your own background image and type in its filename in the parameter.

[Parameters and HTML Configurator]:

Parameter Value Description
regcoderegistration code
imageimage filename as foreground (fill in 'none' if you don't want any)
image width
image height
loadingloading screen display toggle: 1 = yes, otherwise = no
moonmoon image filename (fill in 'none' if you don't want any)
moonlocmoon location: X Y
bgbackground color: R G B
nstarsnumber of stars on screen
delaydelay between animation in milliseconds
maxspeedmax star speed in pixels
maxsizemax star size in pixels
urlURL address when mouse is clicked (fill in 'none' if you do not want to link to anywhere)

Auto-generated code to be inserted into your HTML page:

P.S. Copy all necessary *.jar, images (e.g. *.gif or *.jpg), and data files (e.g. *.txt) to your web directory and embed the above code into your own HTML file.

[More Package Info]:
  • File Description:
  • VisualEffectStars.html - this example
  • VisualEffectStars.gif - sample foreground image
  • VisualEffectStars2.gif - sample moon image
  • VisualEffectStars.jar - main program