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•°•Shortyz Crib•°•


Welcome! This is Shortyz' Crib. Duckie collection*named by Insiders:M+Ms (gotta remember Peanuts and Timmy), Irish, Quackers, Carter, Jeanette Bonette Koskos, The Big Evil Ducky without a name, Shemus and Hardold Henfetter (long pause) the third, i wonder what happened to all my little duckies >.< *it has nothing to do with lunch, right guys??*
Shout out to: Jessica, Lin, Melissa,Amanda, Chris, Stephaine, Paige, Marjo, Ashley, Virginia, Erin, Michelle, Andreia (science was so fun last year), Chelsea, Denise, Meghan, 'manda, Vinny, Victoria, Brandon, Joel is Dead Sexy, Peter, James, Jaclyn(the 'k' lol), Erin, Julie, Yumi (Alex), Timmy, Zack,Kayla, and Peanuts (if your out there *sobs* i'll miss ya), and all the people I missed >.< Remember I'm Blonde. P.S. Thinking of you always Joy, Stephaine, Lizzay and all my other Sagamore Friends. -<3 Summer '05 is starting off great already, cell it if you wanna hang, movies, mall, beach, ect. Like OMG i LoVeD Seford camp, great times Val, Chris and Bryan <333333333333-Me, Jaclyn, Amanda B, and Erin *The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants* ---Sophmore--- #It takes only a minute 2 get a crush on someone, an hour 2 like someone, and a day 2 love someone, but it takes a lifetime 2 forget someone!#Okay, I got to meet Sandra and watch Miss Congenality 2!! SHE WAS SOOO NICE :), Too Bad I was soo blondish with all my amandaiserms, but they made the whole day fun :P, I <3 Avenue Q. Special shout out to B.o.b
Labels are gay and you know what? Its not how you dress its whats you believe in.
James needs to know when to interfer and when i'm like drunk :^)
In other news, evil ducks which will *cough* rule the *cough* world!
God, I love punks and sk8ers :P (Their @ Starbucks, anyone feel like coffee)
Bored-As-Hell (lol gotta say sagamore), I'm going to north this year!!
Why does a rose represent love, when a rose always dies?
If i'm not home,i'm at a party, movies, school, beach, libary, chilling with friends, or out shopping, but either way, give the cell a ring before i have a blond moment unless its off >.< Dam cell always rings in spanish and science :p AIM: lilducky845 See the rest of my pro, on my myspace and aim.. *yawn*

He was tall!!! (Lol, Steph <-- never forget Bobby)
Give me a kiss, give me the world, give me your heart, I'll be your girl, give me your smile, give me your time, give me your love, I'll give you mine.
Mrs. Claus
Flying Fortune Cookies
{Male} Sea Lions, well how was i supposed to know?
High Heels in the City
There are other colors
Not everyone gets paied on Friday
Trees on the Pizza Wall.
A candy cane wrapper is not a candy cane. And neither is a cupcake wrapper/cupcake.
*sing with pizza theme* Mama Al and Papa John sitting in a tree. (Adventureland 4eva)
That's no beer bottle (or celery), Thats my parrot!
Impaired unforturate side-affect of hunger. Hungry? Grab a Snickers, and leave Mrs. J-A-rvis alone.
I think therefore I have a headache
I'm Slow and Blond
F^ Apple! F^ Apple! Where's Apple? F^ Apple!
{Super} Flying Purple Monkeys That Will Take Over The World If No One Stops Them!
Boys are like lava lamps: fun to look at but not so bright.
MENtal anixiety! MENstrual cramps! MENopause! Don't you notice that all our problems begin with MEN!
Coffee, chocolate and men, some things are just better rich. lol!
Amanda C.:*bites into a cupcake* this taste funny
Amanda S:maybe it is because u r eating a wrapper.
So many blonde moments, you guys luv me no matter what, right?!?
James knows what i did, i was mad at justin ok? leave it be, just like what happend with peter pan and wendy and stuff at sagamore. What ever happened to them?