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Best-Loved Cookbook Photographs

All pictures from the Culinary Arts Institute Encyclopedic Cookbook, 1948

After I spent a little time over at The Institute (aka Lileks), I realized what was wrong with these pages.  My pictures were too dang small!  You've gotta visit The Institute when you have a chance.  It's hilarious and gets into a lot more than just odd lookin' cookin'. 


From the "Recipes for Children" section

"For a really hilarious dinner, nothing equals this schoolmate of Donald Duck."  

"An appetizing and enticing luncheon -- grilled lamb kidneys on broiled fruit slices."  (Like they thought nobody'd seen pineapple before?)

It crawled out of the woodwork, Mom!  (It's a stuffed lamb breast.)

"A gorgeous toasted luncheon loaf, with liver sausage and bologna in the leading rolls (sic)."

Variety Meats Rule !!!

"A well-browned beef heart surrounded by fresh vegetables is a real treat."

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