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Some of Rosa's Favorite Fine Art

See how much fun you can have with a scanner and the art section of a used bookstore?

Be courteous and always give the photographer or artist credit for their work.   If they've got a website, link to it.

I have the world's biggest gallery of art that I use as wallpaper on my desktop.  Seeing something beautiful around me at work lifts my heart.  And people keep dropping by to see what I've got up today!

If you want to make your own, scan them in and save as JPGs.  Experiment with sizing them or they will take up your whole desktop and you won't be able to see your icons clearly.  Approximately 3" x 3" works for me, but 

To use the pictures:  

  • Some computers you only need to open the picture in JPG, right mouse click and choose "save as wallpaper."  
  • Others you must convert them to the BMP format and copy the BMP file into your c:\Windows directory so that you can select it from the drop-down list when you change the display properties.  
  • To change the display properties, right click on your desktop, choose the Background tab and browse for the file. 

I've checked out the copyright question and, so long as you are making only one copy of something for your own personal use and not for profit or resale, it's all right.  

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