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CHARLES DAVIES - (scenic & lighting design, actor, director, playwright) - [Republican City, Nebraska]
MFA design student at Iowa until 1986. .... Currently artistic director of the Theatre of the American West in Republican City, Nebraska.
email: davieskc@webtv.net
web: http://www.megavision.net/repcity/

Diana Dawson is livin' and lovin' in Brooklyn. Writing, directing and producing her own brand of very small, tiny, wee little films and videos that will make the world a safer place.
email: vgdiana@aol.com

LISA DAY - [Minneapolis]
She was a chorus member in Carol MacVey's "The Scarlet Letter" in '93. ... Currently, she's writing and working with the Playwrights' Center here in Minneapolis. If anyone needs to contact her, they should call or write her at: 1794 Asbury St., St. Paul, MN 55113, (651) 917-3611

NOEMI DE LA PUENTE - (actor) - [Iowa City]
MFA 2000
Moved back to NJ to be with her husband of 7 years, Ron Cohen, patron saint of actor-spouses. While at Iowa Noemi created the roles of "Doa Elena/Abuelita" in Mando y Mundo, and "Belilah Love" in Salt. She also performed in the Music Department's production of She Loves Me as the character "Ilona Ritter". In addition, she worked with Ben and Carolyn Barrientes, in the Eleatic and Educational Society's productions of Life is a Dream (as Rosaura, and co - director) and Electra by Sophocles (Clytemnestra, director). In the summer of 1999, she worked for the Cape May Sage Co. (NJ) creating the role of "Ta" in The Last Lector, a story about cuban cigar factory workers, and how they were educated by the Lectores that would read to them during their shifts.  Noemi is a certified actor combatant, and just finished the 3 week boot camp of stage combat run by the Society of American Fight directors at UNLV, where she survived and tested in 3 weapon styles (knife, small sword, and single sword). Member of SAG and AFTRA, and HOLA (Hispanic Organization of Latin Actors).  Hoping to immerse herself in the New York Theatre scene, or the Philadelphia Theatre scene, or any Theatre scene that allows her to explore and perform fascinating material. "Winks knowingly at her husband Ron"
email: NoemiDLP@aol.com
web: http://www.hellohola.org/directory/female/delapuen.html

JANE DeLAUBENFELS - (actor) - [Chicago]
I have been living in Chicago since graduating from Iowa in 1987.  I have worked with a number of different theatres during that time: Among them are Lifeline, City Lit, writers' theatre - Chicago, Raven, Footsteps, Shattered Globe, Prop, Transient, and Arts/Lanes.  I am currently a member of Bright Arrow Theatre Company, which started out as the Woman's Collective at City Lit Theatre.  I was a founding member of Kaleidoscope Children's Theatre Company, where I was an actor and the Production Manager for 10 years.  I have performed in two productions of The Eight: Reindeer Monologues; once as Dancer and once as Blitzen. Last year I appeared as Martha Dark in Defiant Theatre's production of Burning Desires.  I have been married to Jamie Asch for almost three years, and on May 20 we welcomed our daughter, Alice Ruth Asch, into the world. email: JanedeLaub@aol.com / DeLaubAsch@aol.com

BRANKO DIMITRIJEVICH - (playwright) - [Serbia]
Most of the time I am here in Serbia working for the National Theater in Novi Sad and doing a lot of original playwriting and adaptations for adult theatre, and also for puppet and children's theatre, among other things.  A couple of times a year I come to the U.S., and in 2007, visited Todd Ristau in Virginia.
email: cikabahus@yahoo.com

CHRISTINA DRAHOS - (visual effects compositor/animator) - [Los Angeles]
I've been living in Los Angeles since I graduated in '95.  I'm currently working at Digital Domain as a visual effects compositor/animator.  My roommate and I (also a fellow Iowa alumni) are always hosting rather insane costume parties - so we'll be posting them in the future for any and all of you to attend.

DAVID DRAYER - (actor, playwright, novelist) - [Los Angeles]
Hi everyone! Sue and I have been in LA since 1996 and are having a blast!  It's a wild city. The business is brutal at first, but after you get that  survival thing down, it's a lot of fun. And you can't beat the weather! Check  out the site for my novel at www.comquat.com/stripcuts (there's a bio there about my other writing and acting endeavors)
email: DaveDrayer@aol.com

KRYS DROGOSZEWSKI - (actor) - [Chicago]

MARGARET M. DUB - (actor, director) - [Chicago]
University of Iowa student from 1988 to 1995 (BA)
Still in Chicago...
email: chicagodube@aol.com

I received my MFA from Iowa in 1997 and taught in the department for a year before joining the ART and the ART.
email: eginton@fas.harvard.edu

FRANK ENSENBERGER - (actor) - [New York]
55 Leroy Street #10, NY, NY 10014, ph. 212-242-3390. I enjoy reading, long walks on the beach, a gentle rainstorm, and men with at least 13 inches of hard fucking man-meat.
email: FENSENBERGER@mtc-nyc.org

JULIE EWING (nee STINER) - - [Kansas City]
email: JulieEwing@hotmail.com

JENNIFER FARRAR (nee HICKS) - - [Iowa City]
I graduated in the spring of 1988. Since then I've done some free lance film work for training films and regional comercials. I've worked at JcPenney far too long. Married Kris Farrar in the fall of 1996 and have been living in Iowa City since then.
email: JFarrar209@aol.com

KRIS FARRAR - - [Iowa City]
I married the former Jennifer Hicks on Aug. 10th, 1996. Hopefully I'll be teaching English in Russia within the month. Otherwise I'm still working at the Mill. I now have a Teaching Certificate, from the State of Iowa, to teach Russian. Unfortunately I couldn't find a job opening in the United States. I survived a bout of a bad gall bladder while I was in Russian 3-4 years ago. I got to experience the Soviet Health Care System in a way that I've just learned to repress.
email: mailto:kef050@aol.com

STEVE FEFFER - (playwright) - [New York]

email: estlin@email.msn.com

LARRANCE FINGERHUT - (composer, music director) - [Chicago]
email: lfin@mcs.net
web: http://www.mcs.net/~lfin/

MELANIE FINNIPOT (nee POT) - (stage combat teacher, actor) - [Chicago]

JULIA FISCHER - (director) - [Minneapolis]
Currently has her own company in Minneapolis called 15 Head - a theatre lab. Working to develop methodologies for group-generated play-writing. Launching second season in January with a collage piece based on Ibsen's The Lady From the Sea followed by Faust in the Spring. Phone number for info on 15 HEAD: (612)306-2207. Looking for Designers, Stage managers, writers and dramaturgs.
email: Jules59@aol.com

KIRSTEN FITZGERALD - (actor) - [Chicago]
(MFA - '94)
Kirsten continues to live in and love Chicago.  She recently finished a run of Jane Martin's MR BUNDY at A Red Orchid Theatre in which she acted and choreographed fights.  Also this year, she had the pleasure of understudying Cherry Jones in A MOON FOR THE MISBEGOTTEN at The Goodman Theatre.  Even better, Kirsten got to play the role of Josie, in MOON... last summer at Circle Theatre.  Loved it loved it loved it!!!  With Plasticene Physical Theatre, she helped create and performed in COME LIKE SHADOWS and looks forward to more fun with them.  Kirsten's other credits include work with Steppenwolf Theatre, Baliwick, Oddlife, National Pastime, Chicago Dramatists, Red Kite, etc.  Kirsten continues to work with adults who have severe and persistant mental illness using Drama, Movement and Creative writing to teach/practice social skills and develop creative resources for coping with illness' and the stress' of daily living.  She is also currently teaching acting at Columbia College.
email: kirstenf@wil.thresholds.org

ANNE FOGARTY - (actor) - [Chicago]
(MFA/Acting, 1994)
Anne is still living and working in Chicago.  Most of her recent credits are new plays, including Mary Zimmerman's Metamorphoses with Lookingglass Theatre Company (and understudying the same show at the Mark Taper Forum), The Idiot (Lookingglass), Talking About Godard (Curious Theatre Branch), Facts and Figures (Penlight Theatre Company at Live Bait), and Turn of the Screw (Jeff Hatcher's two-person version at Illusion Theatre in Minneapolis).  Both Talking About Godard and Facts and Figures were singled out as two of the best shows of 1999 by Chicago's Performink newspaper.  This fall, she will return to Madison Repertory Theatre (where she previously appeared in Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf? and Hauptmann) to star as Terry in Side Man.  Anne has also started teaching children's acting classes through Lookingglass and working on various outreach programs with the company, such as performing at area high schools in a four-person Romeo and Juliet and a three-person Hamlet.  Most importantly, Anne was married on June 17, 2000, to Raymond Fox, a fellow actor and thoroughly lovely human being.
email: Fogarfox@21stcentury.net or anne_fogarty@hotmail.com

TANNA FREDERICK - (actor) - [Los Angeles]
(BA '99)
Graduated from the U of I theatre/ poly sci in 1999 as Valedictorian (gave the speech) and Homecoming Queen, for all superficial purposes.  Tanna was on
theatre scholarship at U of I for four years and did a lot of theatre while there, as well as other local theatres such as Riverside.  She is now in LA persuing a film career.  She's done some work, mostly low-budget indie movies, but has solidified a commercial agent and manager.  She's not yet SAG and hopes to be soon.   She just wrapped a Henry Jaglom film that she starred in entitled "Hollywood Dreams" opposite Justin Kirk (Angels In America).  It also included David Proval (Sopranos), Melissa Leo (21 Grams), Karen Black, and others.
  Tanna has been there a year and a half, and would love to know of any other U of I contacts out there, preferrably higher ups who could offer a referral to a fellow Iowan.
email: tanna_f@hotmail.com

STEPHANIE FREY - (actor) - [Wisconsin]
(BA '96)
Living in Wisconsin, researching trends for a regional retailer most haven't heard of (Shopko.  I thought not). Queen of the community theatre.  Almost married with stepdaughter.  So there.

JACKSON GALAXY (nee RICH KURSCHNER) - - [Boulder, Colorado]
email: circusgods@aol.com

HANNAH GALE - (director, actor) - [Connecticut]
I'm living in Connecticut and teaching 7th Grade at a Waldorf School and raising my son, Percy. The only theater that I get to do are class plays, but I'm glad for those.
email: hgale9@optonline.net

GENE GeBAUER - [Denver]
Gene, now a certified Alexander Technique instructor, still lives in Denver, just bought a house with a perfect basement studio for Alexander clients and for tap students.  His reputation as a tap master has increased.  Recently he took the training from the National Tap Ensemble, which trains teachers not only in the form but in the history, and is now a graduate of this course.  He has a lot of private students, as well as a number of classes in studios around the Front Range.  He has condensed some of these to keep off the highway, and with the new studio he will be able to take more students.  Gene's mission is to further and promote the reputation of tap.  If you're in Denver come dance with Gene!
email: meanfeet97@aol.com

JUDY GeBAUER - (playwright) - [Denver]
Judy GeBauer continues to be a reader for the Denver Center Theatre Company, where she was playwright-in-residence in 1995-96, commissioned to write a piece for the Conservatory actors. The result was The Fire-bringer. Last year her adaptation of Edith Wharton's novella, Summer, was read and then showcased in New York by the Drama Committee Repertory Company.  Judy is at work on two new projects, one dealing with domestic violence and sports figures; the other takes on the American dream when a farm couple places all their hopesin their talented young son.  A lot of time recently has gone to putting the finishing touches on a novel, The Hail Mary Pass, and researching a film script about an ex-Navy SeAL.  Left over energy goes to getting her daughter ready for her first year of college.
email: Sands81@aol.com

MIKE GEITHER - (playwright) - [Cleveland]
email: MGeither@aol.com

MARCI GLOTZER - (AEA stage manager) - [New York]
Still living in NYC with Laura Quinn. No husband orchildren,butnow auntie to two nieces who look more like her than either of their parents, therefore she claims them as her own. Training for first NYC marathon this November! And running as part of Fred's Team, which raises money for pediatric cancer research at Memorial Sloan-Kettering Hospital in NYC.  Still stage managing here, there and everywhere. But mostly here and there. Recently begun taking classes in, of all things, court reporting!
email: marcigee@earthlink.net

MEGAN GOGERTY - (playwright/songwriter/performer) - [Austin]
(BA '97)
Megan continues to write plays and songs, and teaches theatre. Megan and husband, Chris Clark,  just moved to Iowa City, the Coolest Town in the World (TM). Megan works part-time at the U of I's Academic Advising Center, and come January, she'll teach playwriting at Coe College. If you're in Atlanta this September, maybe you'll drop in on Synchronicity Theatre's SheWrites Festival and hear a go-round of Megan's latest play, SIG GOTTA DO. If you're in the I.C. area and you play early jazz, bluegrass, Veill-esque dark cabaret or old-school honky tonk and want to jam, let Megan know!
email: mgogerty@yahoo.com

JEFF GOODE - (playwright, director, actor) - [Los Angeles]
[BA '88]
Jeff is still living in Los Angeles. Still writing. Copies of Jeff's new play, "HAM/THELLO: a new play by William Shakespeare" are available August 15th.
email: jeffgoode@aol.com
web: http://www.jeffgoode.com/

EZZAT GOUSHEGIR - (playwright) - [Evanston]

CHERYL GRAEFF - (actor) - [Chicago]
Cheryl Graeff went Equity in the fall on '98 through the production of RAIN, RIVER, ICE, STEAM at Victory Gardens.  The past few years she has played in GOODNIGHT DESDEMONA GOODMORNING JULIET  and THE TAVERN at Milwaukee Rep., MOON OVER BUFFALO and ALL IN THE TIMING at New American Theatre, HITTING FOR THE CYCLE at Famous Door Theatre, SCHOOL FOR WIVES, AN IDEAL HUSBAND, and THE CHERRY ORCHARD at the Court Theatre as a resident artist, and is currently playing Rosemary in  PICNIC at Nebraska Repertory.  Cheryl also teaches part-time in the Film Department at Columbia College and is proud of her theatrical work last fall with a group of women inmates at the Metropolitian Correctional Center.
email: c.graeff@worldnet.att.net

MICHAEL GRAZIANO - (producer) - [New York]
(BA '88)
Michael was recently named Producing Director of Broadway Cares/Equity Fights AIDS, the nation's leading industry-based, non-profit AIDS fund-raising and grantmaking organization.  BC/EFA is the on-going committed response from the American theatre community to the AIDS epidemic.  He has worked as a Producer for the New York based organization since 1994.  He has produced many benefit performances and events, both on and off Broadway, including BC/EFA's well known annual events -- The Broadway Flea Market and Grand Auction,  The Gypsy of the Year Competition, The Easter Bonnet Competition and Broadway Bares.
email: graziano@bcefa.org

DAN GURLER - (actor, director, playwright, stage manager) - [San Francisco]
(BA) 1985 to 1991
email: dgurler@yahoo.com

MICHAEL HACKER - (actor) - [Seattle]
MFA director at University of Iowa
Currently auditioning, writing and planning to relocate somewhere less beautiful but with more opportunity.
email: hackermc@aol.com
web: http://members.aol.com/hackermc/

email: jhaines@nemonet.com

MARK HALLEN - (director) - [Philadelphia]
Mark and Darla Max just celebrated their 10th wedding anniversary by going to Stratford for 10 days!  Last year they purchased an historic home built in 1742 in Philadelphia.  It is a beautiful stone colonial home.  They rent a couple of small one bedroom apts on the first floor and we live on the second and third floor.  They also have a theatre in their backyard.  SERIOUSLY!  The carriage house in the back yard was turned into a small chamber theatre back in 1933.  Mark helps out with the construction when he has time between his full time job as Director of Theatre at Eastern College (suburban college), running a childrens theatre summer camp and doing the occasional professional directing gig.  (Last year he directed the world premier of a piece called Between Men and Cattle by Richard Kalinoski)  Their goals are to continue to make theatre and educate new theatre artists until they can have a full time theatre company running out of their back yard.  Maybe in a couple of years they will be able to start hiring all their chums to come out here and join them for a show or two.  In the mean time if anyone is in Philly, come stay for a while...they have plenty of room!
email: maxowl@aol.com

SARAH HAMMOND - (playwright) - [New York City]
(MFA/Playwriting '05)
Sarah joined the box office staff at TheatreWorks USA.  Sarah had a ten-minute play win the Actors Theatre of Louisville's Heideman Award this year, and is due to finish up a first draft of a commission for South Coast Repertory Theatre.
email: sarahkhammond@aol.com

ROB HANDEL - [Burlington, VT / New York City]
Having survived an exit from Iowa to get my MFA from Brown, I have moved to Burlington, Vermont, where I work as Managing Director for the Green Mountain Guild, a 27-year-old theatre for young audiences. Please feel free to contact me if you're interested in scantily-paid TYA work in New England. Or if you need scripts for children or grownups. I am married to actor Gail Marlene Schwartz and we have at least two cats. We also live in NYC, where I have been working with Lincoln Center Theater.
email: hanwartz@sover.net
web: http://www.sover.net/~hanwartz/robhome.html

email: bunnypug@aol.com

KATREEN HARDT - (actor) - [New York]
Katreen is set to begin rehearsals for the German premiere of the Off-Broadway production of THE VAGINA MONOLOGUES by Eve Ensler at the Theater Combinale (www.combinale.de) in Luebeck, Germany.  Along with starring in the production, she is also the co-producer.  It opens November 3rd and is expected to run intermittently through May or June of 2001.  In December she will appear in the black comedy DAS MIETSHAUS (THE APARTMENT HOUSE), also at the Theater Combinale, to celebrate its ten-year-anniversary.  She originally appeared in the production in 1990; over the years the play has attracted over 10,000 audience members making it one of the most successful shows for the German-based theater company.  Katreen has appeared in two Hal Hartley movies: HENRY FOOL and THE BOOK OF LIFE.  She is also writing, and was recently commissioned by Conde Nast Women's Sports & Fitness Magazine to write a first-person essay about her body doubling experience for Gwyneth Paltrow in the feature film, GREAT EXPECTATIONS.  She is currently finishing up her first novel.
email: katreenh@hotmail.com

DANA HARDY - (actor) -  [New York]
(MFA '03)
An Undergraduate of Lewis and Clark College ten years earlier, Dana graduated from the MFA Acting program in May of 2003. She relocated to NYC on the day of the black out and has been trying to get used to it ever since.  Raised on Bainbridge Island near Seattle, Dana has been acting since she was 8 years old and loves it.  Her forte would lie in the area of the classics, although she became quite active in the birth of new scripts after her stint in Iowa and looks forward to continuing in that vain here in NYC, where she lives with her boyfriend, also an alum, in Astoria.  Calling all playwrights - if you ever need actors for readings, she would love participate! 
email: danahardyactor@yahoo.com

INGER HATLEN - (actor) - [Philadelphia]
University of Iowa student (actor) until 1992 (BA)
Inger recently left her position as Production Manager for Pig Iron Theatre Company, and still works with them periodically in a variety of capacities. She is currently enjoying raising her 11-month-old daughter Solveig with husband Joseph Daniels in Philadelphia, and working part time for a testing services company.

email: inger_hatlen@yahoo.com

ERIC HAUGEN - (lighting design) - [Orlando, Florida]
Married Susan Winfield (U of I '88 grad) in 1987. Got a graduate degree in Lighting Design from NYU in 1991. Moved to Orlando in 1993. Daughter, Alexandra, born June 5, 1995. Second child due in December of 1998! ... After receiving an MFA in Lighting Design from NYU in 1991, I started a freelance career designing for Off-Broadway, Off-Off Broadway, Regional Theatre, and Touring Dance Companies. In 1993 I was accepted into the United Scenic Artists union in the Lighting Design category and I relocated to Orlando, FL where I continued my freelance career for the next 3 years. In 1996 I joined ITEC Productions, a leading design and show control company in the themed entertainment industry. While working for ITEC Productions, I designed the lighting for Macy's Santaland Experience in New York, the National Science Center's Discovery Theatre in Augusta, GA, Parque Hollywood, a themed family entertainment center in Santiago, Chile, and Marvel Mania, a themed restaurant at Universal Studios Hollywood. In February of 1998, I left ITEC Productions to form my own design company, Haugen Design, with an emphasis on lighting for Corporate Theatre and Themed Environments. Since forming my own company, I have traveled to Taipei, Taiwan and Prague, The Czech Republic to design for various corporate clients. While I have concentrated on themed environments and corporate theatre, I still try and find time to design for my first love; Theatre. I am currently the resident lighting designer and on the artistic advisory board for the Orlando Shakespeare Company and I enjoy designing for regional and university theatre.
email: erichaugen@worldnet.att.net

BA '96
I am currently in Sacramento doing a play here for the Sacramento Theatre Company. I just completed a two year acting stint with The Oregon Shakespeare Festival, where I performed in a bunch of plays. I directed, wrote, and acted in a movement based piece called "The Pale Fire Project" while there. And I did a couple of independent films. I am currently working on a piece about gender differences as they relate to sex and porn. One day, I hope to live in one place long enough to have a boyfriend and couch of my own.
email: saffronhenke@hotmail.com

BOB HUGHES - [Seattle]
email: hughesb@oz.net

MARK HUNTER - (director, dramaturg) - [Austin, TX]
Currently Associate Director of Riverside Theatre where this season he is directing Ron Clark's KINDRED HEARTS, Richard Strand's THE MEDIAN STRIP, Thea Cooper's MARRY ME and Steven Dietz's PRIVATE EYES. He is an Assistant Visiting Professor at UI, teaching Playscript Analysis, and at Cornell College, teaching Directing.
email: huntermark@aol.com

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