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Watch For Rocks~Lina Fry

"In The Language Of Birds"

black box, acrylic, molten glass, gold nail polish


Lina Fry becomes a merchant of dreams transforming the box into a vehicle of reverence. Each of the three pieces shown on this site started with a simple wooden box painted black creating a blank on which the artist plays out a fantasy.

The largest box titled "In The Language Of Birds" contrasts molten glass now fused hard forever with the vulnerability of the soft wood creating speech in an unknown tongue.

"A Matter Of Perspective" confronts the viewer with a conundrum. Is it a place to enter or a place to exit? Presumably each viewer makes their own choice based on their own life experience. What frightens? What comforts?

The last piece shown here of the eight-piece series, "Watch For Rocks", takes on the notion of chance versus fate. "The Definition Of Chance" is a hinged box covered in bingo discs, but some of the discs are turned backward. Accidents happen. Does one really create their own luck?

Lina Fry



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