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Illumination:Swimming To Canada~ Lina Fry

"The Vow:Hand-in-Hand"


Each piece in this new work is a freestanding painted wood box which begs to be picked up and examined. They are like a lure of a fine parfume that atomizes into the nose drawing one inward with a kind of meditative vibration that quickly arouses the spirit.

As the viewer inspects the container of such a simple form, one notices that the piece opens revealing a mirror set deep within the vessel. Here the viewer becomes participant. Suddenly seeing one's face shocks open the brain, until you realize you have become enveloped into the work itself.

One last manifestation did not reveal itself until nightfall when I was leaving the gallery. Each piece is illuminated in night vision, glowing from immaculate applications of a pubis glow-in-the-dark paste.


Lina Fry