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This is what I did, using one of the plain wooden curios you can purchase at craft stores.
This is the front of the curio. I glued used matches on the door, colored with Portfolio watersoluble oil pastels, trimmed with Lumiere Metallic Bronze. The 'waves' in dark brown on the matches were done with woodburning, as are the designs up and down the sides, and along the bottom.

This is one side. Both sides are the same. I drew the cattails on free hand, then woodburned the design. Colored with coloring pencils. Above and below the cattails, I attached crushed egg shells, painted over with Lumieres Metallic Bronze.

This is the back. I used a rubberstamp I have for the design. It is colored with the Portfolio pastels. The top of the curio is covered with eggshell mosaic, painted with Metallic Bronze Lumieres.

This was done on a thin slat of the wood you can get for making airplanes out of-

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