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The Trial of Learning

As recieved by me on a journey:

Once there was a girl who had walked a long path. Her path had been hard many times, and lonely. One day she came to the end of her path, and there was a cave opening.When she stepped in the cave, it was so dark she couldn't see anything.

She tried using a candle,then a torch, then a flashlight- nothing could penetrate the darkness. This girl knew that inside the cave was what she had been journeying toward all her life, and whatever was in there would make her whole again. She sat down outside the cave, and began to cry. She cried and cried.

Soon her sobs reached upwards in the heavens, and Eagle heard them as she was soaring through the air searching for food. Eagle followed the sound of the sobbing, and landed on a rock beside the crying girl. Eagle asked the girl why she was crying, and the girl explained.

Eagle told her to look behind her- the girl did. Behind her was the path she had followed to arrive to the cave. All along the path were small pieces of something that glittered. Eagle told the girl that the shining objects were pieces of herself thatshe had left behind as she traveled, and in order to go into the cave, she would need to gather those lost pieces to her. When she had retrieved all the lost pieces of herself, she would be the light that would illumine the cave.

So the girl began to gather the lost pieces of herself. She undertook many journeys, some dangerous, some long, some short, some pleasurable. When she had gathered all the pieces together, and had absorbed them back into her heart, she stepped inside the cave to find... the cave was empty.

But it didn't matter, because she had what she had been looking for the entire time now.
The pieces of herself.

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