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Tarot Links and Books

Here is my Tarot page! Places for free readings,
links to 'how-to' sites, and some decks you can
purchase by clicking on the picture.
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There is a search engine at the bottom of the page
where you can do a search for tarot at Amazon. enjoy!

My FAVORITE place for free fun!

Free Tarot Reading

Oracles- runes, tarot

Tarot studies

Learn Tarot

Aeclectic Tarot
they have a gazillion tarot decks to see, and reviews on them all!


Power Tarot by Trish MacGregor and Phyllis Vega
I love this book- there is a spread for anything
you can think of, and in my opinion,
the definitions they have for the cards can not be beat.
I find myself using this book everytime I get my cards out.

Sacred Circle Tarot


I was blessed to find this book.
I like it- though if you buy the Arthurian deck,
the book that comes with it has a lot of the same things in it.


Arthurian Tarot
Oh, I love this deck!
It is my favorite of the two decks I own.
It called to me, and I had to get it. I am glad I did.
If you resonate with the Arthur legends, then you will love this deck.


The Complete Book of Tarot Reversals by Mary K. Greer
I need this book. I have heard that it is very helpful,
and deep. From Amazon"Greer claims that
reversals offer a portal to the more mystical and esoteric
influences in our lives. They "provide an opportunity
to reach below logic and lead us into the realm of
potentials and underlying causes where everything
is connected and Magic happens."


Shapeshifter Tarot
From Amazon: "The deck is extremely easy to work with,
since the basic meaning of each card appears on
the front of the card. In addition to the regular cards
one finds in a tarot deck, this deck contains three
new major arcana cards (the Double, the Journey, and the Dreamer),
which I found to be some of the most interesting
and useful cards in the deck."
This is on my next to get list.


Renaissance Tarot
This is the other deck I own.
It was the first deck I got, I got it because it is so pretty.
I don't use it as much as I use the Arthurian Deck,
but I do use it occassionally. Mainly I use it
when I read for other people.
It is a very beautiful deck

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