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Spiritual Growth

Have you ever wondered why the same situation keeps coming into your life over and over? Why your relationships stay the same, even if it's with a different person?

Are you wanting MORE? More peace, love, happiness, joy, security and peace in your life? Are you tired of feeling alone? Do you want to really change your life?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions, Then it is time. It is time for you to take control and create the life you want. I am not talking about 'woo woo' stuff here. I am talking about literally changing your life - making it work FOR you.

I don't believe in 'pie in the sky' stuff- I do firmly believe in Angels, the Holy Spirit, the power of Jesus in our life, and God.

Changing your life begins with changing your heart, and that begins with changing your thoughts. But just repeating affirmations over and over won't work. Let me help you make your power work for you.

Spiritual Growth is growing and maintaining an honest, steady communication between you and me. Everything said is confidential. The work you and I do is personalized to YOUR needs, wants and desires.
How long will it take? Until you SEE changes in your life, or until you are satisfied with my help.
I recommend that you tell yourself you will try for at least two months, because it takes a few weeks for things to start 'clicking' inside you. It isn't easy, but it IS doable! You have the power within you to change your life, all it takes is the desire to do it.


Our time together will be sharing (you'll be talking, too) and you will get any guidance I receive for you, plus prophetic words and knowledge as needed.

For the MONTHLY mentoring sessions-

We will meet once a week, for a half hour call. Sometimes we'll run over the time a little, that is no problem.
$300 for a month of spiritual guidance, insights, and personally atuned to YOU information from Spirit.

For a ONE TIME mentoring session (30 minutes)- $75.00

For during those 'dark nights of the soul', or when you just need to vent and get some encouragement and guidance.