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I asked a few of my regular callers to say whatever they wanted to say, so I could put their feedback on this site. Some of these quotes are taken from a public site that I am available on regularly.

If you are uncomfortable using paypal (although I have found them safe, and you do not need an account with them to use them), you can connect with me through Keen -
Please be aware, I have to charge a lot more there because of how much they keep.

love this woman! Lila, you told me that there was a change in his employment or something and that I would get some money this upcoming wk but to call child support in regards to not receiving full payment from last wk. How about I called them when I got off the phone with you & they told me that they took the full amount from him 2 days ago so I should be getting it this week! I'm too happy! cant wait to meet that good looking guy with the nice hair you keep seeing me with : )

UPDATE:: Talked to Lila on Tuesday, 1/11, and she said I would run into "him". I said "no way" we live in a big city and he is on one end of town and I am on the other. In two and a half years I have NEVER run into him. HOWEVER, last night, 1/13 I ran into him in a little specialty grocery store that I go to from time to time!!!! He followed me all through the store wanting to talk. SHE WAS 100% CORRECT!!!!

Lila did a reading for me 11/15/10, almost all of what she said has taken place exactly as she said it would. There are still some things left that am waiting. Then tonight she told me of some more & I will await for the outcome. Overall this lady is wonderful & I will def. recommend her & will come back to her repeatedly.

Thanks so much for your reading earlier. She is really good and gives lots of details. I feel like she is really telling what she sees and not what she logically thinks based on what I say. Highly recommend. Thanks

Wonderful advisor! She seemed to tune in to my situation very well and offered great advice. I believe I can trust her. Highly recommended!

2/9 Lila you were right about my best friend. I spoke to her today and she did in fact drop a major hint regarding what she was going to do about her marriage & leaving her husband. She didnt say she would leave him but she mentioned the possiblilty of moving back home. We are 8 hrs away from `home` so this is major & I know this means shes fed up with the abuse. Thanks for the insight in helping be a good friend through what is obviously a difficult time.

Wow! I REALLY liked Lila! She was clear, honest, and very kind. Very Highly Recommended!

My conversation with Lila was excellent. She was quick in her analysis. She tells you what you need to hear not what you want to hear and leaves you to make your own conclusion on what your future is to be. Highly recommended. Thank you.

Wow. She was so spot on! She told me months ago that I would be working in a mid- shift position-and I didn't believe her, until today when I got a call that I am needed mid-shift. What a great lady. Thank you so much Lila!

The connection I have with Lila is incredible. She is very accurate, detailed, and she never ceases to amaze me.She is very professional, yet warm and caring at the same time. I consult Lila on a regular basis and I always look forward to our sessions. She guides me through tough situations, yet empowers me to trust my intuition and take the paths which are right for me. As a result, my spiritual growth has been enormous. I have learned to read my own vibes and feelings much better, and my interactions with others are more effective. I've never felt more at peace with myself and the person I am.


Lila Moon is a lady with great gifts and when she shares those gifts with you will see the rainbows rather than the rain.
She has read for me for a little over a year now and during that time she has helped me with ups and downs always helping me to see the good to come later.
I have since my own spiritual growth through her guidance. I have had my eyes open to see clearly what has always been around me and available to me. I hope I will be able to continue to grow spiritually and will remain in contact with this wise and wonderful lady.
Her heart is gold and her voice is soothing and her gifts are genuine. I would recommend any one to allow her to share them.
Come to her with open heart and eyes and leave with great vision of the path you are on.


I couldn't answer right away. I was overwhelmed. Reading this was strange, exciting and joyous. As I read, it felt as if I was being pierced through the chest and into the heart, both a sharp pain and a happiness. Then tears flowed, tears of grief and a feeling of being "right." Can't describe it better than that. -- LK

Very scarily accurate picking up on stuff I never mentioned, seemed to know our personalities pretty well, only name and physical description were told and she took it and ran with it. Thank you SO much and I will keep you posted. :) God bless

I will continue to pray and leave it to God bc I know its in his hands! You are Awesome! -S-

Lila, really great to talk to you and I will do what you said in the past all you have told me has come to pass thanks so much and your truly and angel. C

Already 2 of her predictions from May 1 came to pass...both things that I wouldn't have anticipated myself. Plus, she is like talking to sunshine! :) Blessings!

Its has been 2 weeks since I spoke to Lila and a couple of things are coming to pass, it seemed outlandish to hear that there was money from a source for college in the Fall for my daughter. This week I was going through mail I over looked and there was a 2 year scholarship letter! I will call again for a followup!!! Thank you

I have been talking with Lila since the fall of 09' and she has been very accurate. When I first started talking with her I was desperately trying to find a better paying job and she said that would not happen until 2010 and she was correct. She also told me a female friend would suggest that we take a trip together and since I have never gone on a "girls only vacation" I didn't think that would happen, well she was correct again. She has also been dead on with her forecast on the ups and downs of the man I date. I will continue to call Lila because she is so clear in what is up ahead and also because she is such a sweetie. -J-

7/7 PREDICTION HAPPENED!!!! she said he would contact me tuesday evening wanting to see me, which is rare for him to initiate but HE DID!!!! thanks lila!!! _S_

Lila is an angel... OMG... she is soooo accurate and right on to the T. She is truly gifted and wonderful. MILLIONS of STARS... Love.. Lara <.p>

WOW! I am truly amazed! Yes, It was great news about my relatioship. But you knew there was a medical issue surrounding having a baby. I want to thank you! -A-

Prediction came true, right on the days she said so. She was very clear and quick to answer my questions. Thank you very much. -M-

It's always a joy to hear Lila's voice. I get tickled all over. Her predictions were right about a friend not going onto graduate school although accepted! Pretty amazing insights every time! Love Lila! She's clear, calm and a full out blessing!!! -S-

I had a GREAT call with Lila. I really feel she gave me an incredibly "accurate" portrait of someone and I feel it was an honest assesment of the situation and what will happen. I really have felt this, but Lila put it into words for me, so I can move on. I think she is amazing and sweet and an incredible advisor. She will not mislead you. Call Lila.. I cant wait to talk to her again. -P-