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I want a man who loves me
for who and what I am.
I want a man who knows what he wants
and what he wants is me.

I want a man who tells me his thoughts
lets me in, even when he's lost.
I want a man who listens when I talk
and tries to understand even when I choke.

I want a man who is true
one who is honest through and through
A man who won't put anything else above me,
who makes our relationship a priority

I don't want perfect or handsome or rich
I just want the one that fits
Who won't let anyone come between us
who holds us together, and does what he must.

I want to be the one that can't be replaced,
not by money or a pretty face.
I want a man who will give what he has to me
just as I give what I have to him.

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