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She Comes

She walks out of the circle of fire
shedding her settled ways
out of the darkness and coldness
She comes
bringing the light of days

Her steps grow lighter as she goes
Transformation she brings
leaving the cold and waiting time
She steps into the Spring

In her hand a sword that shines
forged from her waiting time
cutting away the old debris
slowly she comes to me

"Set aside your pondering ways
open your heart to see
life anew comes to you
if you will open to Me"

Trust in the one
that brings the sun
that carries the hope of the year
look to your heart
and never part
from the path that you hold dear

cut the veil that holds you
step into the light
grasp your sword and be bold
walk into the night

trust in Her to guide you
trust in Her to lead
Trust She will provide you
with your every need

In her path the green grass springs
earth rejoices once more
as She passes by you now
heart fills with what is in store

cutting through the darkness
to reveal the light
nothing will dissuade her
she is equal to the fight

published in Circle Magazine Spring edition 2005

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