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There is a gaping hole where my heart should be
You're Gone
Nothing is as it should be.

Miles apart, I want you here
I didn't get to tell you, I had too much fear
Fear you didn't love me or care
Fear you really wanted to be over there

Silence put walls between our hearts
Now I fear there will be no fresh start
Aching for you, can't sleep at night
Wondering if things will ever be right

Remembering your taste, your feel.
Your hands in my hair, it's still so real.
The love in your eyes in the dark of night
Making love with you felt so right.

Praying for a chance to show you my love
Praying for a favor from Heaven above

You are my world, my life, my heart
I get more lost each day we are apart
Rescue me from this emptiness inside
Make up your mind to turn the tide
I'm waiting here, arms open wide

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