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Friends at the beginning
Friends at the end
The end a new beginning
of what will never end

Love doesn't fade away
it lives inside my heart
it doesn't matter what you say
or how far we are apart

doesn't matter who steps in
or what choices are made
love still grows within
it just doesn't fade

true love is so rare
something hard to find
how do you unlove or uncare
doesn't fade in time

solid as a mountain
moving like the tide
like an eternal fountain
nothing there to hide

No one else can take your place
my heart is full of you
I'd rather be alone at peace
than try to replace what was true

anything else would not be right
this was the love for me
I won't kick and I won't fight
I'll just let you be

I only had one heart to give
it's in your pocket still
I only have one life to live
I chose what I will

I'd rather live my life alone
and know I once had more
then try to fill this empty tomb
that held my heart before

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